How to Improve Search Impression Share?

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How to Improve Search Impression Share?

Search Impression Share (SIS) is an important metric for any digital marketer in PPC marketing. It provides an indication of how often your ads are being seen and how effective they are. Improving your SIS requires optimizing your ads, targeting, and budget. It is important to understand the basics of SIS and how to improve it in order to make the most of your ad campaigns.

Top topics about improving search impression share you will learn in this article:

  • Focus on Keywords
  • Adjust Geographical Targeting
  • Decreasing Regional Targeting
  • Optimize Bids and Budgets
  • Analyze Competitors
  • Check Search Term Reports
  • Review Current Keywords

In Google, your max cost-per-click (CPC) bid, quality score, and ad relevancy are all factors that contribute to your ad visibility. By increasing your CPC bid, improving the overall quality of your ad and keywords, or using search terms to identify new keywords, you can improve your ad rank and in turn, increase your search impression share. Well, there are a few things you can do to improve your search impression share with the help of Google Ads insights.

  • Focus on Keywords: Optimizing keywords is a great way to improve your Search Impression Share. Start by looking at keywords with high impressions and low CTRs. You can then adjust these keywords to more closely match user search queries, for example, narrowing a broad match keyword further to a phrase match keyword, resulting in higher CTRs and higher SIS.

You can easily check your keyword status and outcome of auction insights about competitors from the Overview tab.


overview keyword IS

  • Adjust Geographical Targeting: You can also adjust your geographical location targeting to regions where people are interested in your products or services, leading to higher SIS. Geo-targeting settings can play a major role in improving search impression share. To better optimize your campaigns, apply the geo-targeting filter to limit your ads to your target regions. Also, target your audience’s interests to improve ad relevance. Be sure to check search term reports and review current keywords to maximize impression share.
  • Decreasing Regional Targeting: If you decrease your regional targets, you may see an increase in impression share. However, keep in mind that when you decrease your regional target, it could cause a decrease in the number of impressions and clicks. To combat this issue, you can apply the geo-targeting filter to limit your ads to your target regions. Additionally, you can target your audience‚Äôs interests to improve ad relevance and maximize impression share.
  • Optimize Bids and Budgets: Optimizing your budget can also help improve SIS by reducing search lost IS (rank). This happens when your ad rank is too low and prevents your ads from appearing. By understanding these key elements and making changes accordingly, you can significantly improve your SIS. It’s important to remember that your budget controls how often an ad is shown. When you start optimizing your bids and budgets, it can help maximize your impression share, which refers to seeing your ads by potential customers. That’s why you should consider lowering your bids’ CPC or increasing your daily budget.
  • Analyze Competitors: After optimizing your bids and budgets, it’s important to analyze your competitors. You can obtain traffic numbers and ad keywords for your competition, so you can identify advertisers with a high top-of-page rate. You can also do some test searches for keywords that this advertiser might appear for and consider their strategies to maximize impression share.

From Overview tab, you can easily reach the outcome of auction insights about competitors.


overview auction insight IS

  • Check Search Term Reports: To further understand where you may have missed out on impressions, it is important to check search term reports in Google Ads. This report gives an indication of account-wide impression share for each search term. This can help identify potential impression share opportunities and understand why some keywords are underperforming. For example, when you review your current keywords and search term reports to identify areas for improvement, you can see that the change in search impression share is also reflected in your campaign performance analysis.

It is possible to access all the desired reports by clicking the Reports section at the top bar of the Google Ads page.


Search Term Reports

  • Review Current Keywords: To maximize impression share, review the current keyword list and identify opportunities to refine it. Consider adding new keywords, removing irrelevant ones, or focusing on phrases that have a higher search ranking. Additionally, look into using search term reports to find additional search terms that could be beneficial. With the data from these reports, you can create more targeted ads with an increased chance of success.

When you improve the individual characteristics of your ads, such as increasing bids or daily budget to maximize impression share, adjusting geotargeting, creating specific ad groups, and using search terms to identify new keywords, you’ll improve your ad quality. By searching for keywords with high impressions and low CTR, you can optimize your bids and budgets to further improve your ad display ranking and improve Quality Score. All of these steps can help ensure that your ads are more relevant to searchers, resulting in higher engagement rates.

As a result, whether you’re increasing bids or daily budget, improving overall ad quality and keywords, or using search terms to identify new potential keywords, increasing your budget will help you maximize your impression share. You should also tweak the geotargeting settings to gain maximum reach and focus on increasing the budget first, especially when a well-performing keyword is limited to both budget and bids. Finally, you can analyze your competitors to get an idea of how they are executing Google Ads optimization and learn their strategies, and adjust your campaign accordingly. By following these steps, you will be able to maximize your impression share and maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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