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Keywords & Search Terms

  • Simplified analysis of targeting, and competition.
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Reduce Cost & Time Spent

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Efficient Placement

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Optimize your campaign structure in minutes, save hours of manual labor.

Adsbot helps to optimize your ads, campaigns, and placements. Designed to dramatically reduce the amount of effort required to maintain and optimize campaigns. You can use it to find poorly performing keywords or poorly placed ads and take steps to improve them. Place your ads where they'll get more visibility. Perform some quick checks to show you where you can save the most time and money on your campaigns.

Spend less time on campaign tracking, focus on your strategies!

Adsbot is a powerful keyword optimization and bid adjustment solution for SEMs. Helps you to save time by doing simple repetitive tasks like adding negative keywords, updating bids and checking out ad status and many more. Take back time that you would have spent on managing your campaigns, and use them for your strategy creation.