We are Adsbot.

A fantastic workplace created by the synergy of outstanding individuals helping marketeers with challenging problems.

A Story of Passion, Perseverance, and Purpose.
As experts in the advertising industry, our goal is to reach the maximum efficiency, since day one.
Years of intense research
Our founders are searching for the best ads optimization ways since 2016. Adsbot is your marketing specialist, revenue increaser, campaign and budget manager, all rolled into one.
Solution-oriented team
Our priority is answering your marketing needs with AI powered optimizations, automations, creative ways for efficiency and many more. Our experienced team of industry leading experts provides solutions for you. Digital consultancy for 100+ customers from different verticals meets high-tech, perfection obsessed developers: the dream team.
Continuous Innovations
Innovative approach is our secret: we are defining the advertising industry with Adsbot. We listen, understand, analyze and experience your problems; and have created an AI based solution.
Decrease costs
Save time
Detect anomalies
Increase revenue

A quote from founder

What is Adsbot?

This is Can, Co-founder & CEO of Adsbot. I am a full-stack marketer who has worked in digital marketing for 12 years and has experience with all stakeholders, including brands, agencies, and startups.

We're a passionate team of 5 founders, three digital marketeers, two technical co-founders, and a team of 10.

Adsbot became a product from our own needs while managing digital marketing campaigns. These needs include:

  • Too many repetitive tasks
  • Difficulty finding talent
  • Big data and complicated analysis
  • Not having a consolidated KPI tracking.

Our mission is to solve these problems and help marketeers focus on strategy rather than manual tasks. We want markeeters to feel safer and have control of their accounts. We aim to benefit from Google Ads and other marketing channels. We've started by connecting with Google Ads, Search Console, and PageSpeed API. We will add more connections and provide unified solutions for a single platform.

Our mission

We value your problems.

With years of experience in the industry, we are the experts of enlightening difficulties. For continuous development we are always observing/analyzing the experiences in the marketing industry, understanding the problems faced, creating solutions. Responsiveness is our key to customer relations. Reach us anytime, we are always by your side.