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Quality Score Checker

Quality score of your landing pages have an influence over the cost and effectiveness of your campaigns. See if you have room for improvement.

Landing pages with low quality score may result

in spending more on Google Ads. Try to improve quality score of your landing pages.

Duplicated Keywords

Make sure that you do not have duplicated keywords across different ad groups to ensure the good health of your campaigns.

Consider reevaluating your keyword lists

for your ad groups in order to get better results.

Potential Search Terms

Get ideas for the potential keywords that you can target in your campaigns.

Good work! You have already included

majority of your potential keywords in your campaigns.

Ad Group Control

See if any ad group in a certain campaign spends more that 50% of the campaigns total cost in order to have a better budget allocation

Some of your ad groups costs more than %50

of campaign cost for last 7 days.

Sitelink Checker

Check sitelinks for all your campaigns and ad groups to maximize serving and increase to chance of better CTR.

Good work! Keep adding relevant sitelinks

for all campaigns and ad groups in order to increase CTR.

Zero Impression Keywords

See if you have any keywords that has 0 impression in order to have better targeting.

We have found some keywords with

zero impressions. Consider removing them from your keyword list.

Zero Cost Campaigns

Find out if you have any campaigns that have no costs. Try to update the campaign settings for better results.

Good work! Your campaigns are well

planned and most of your campagins get impressions throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

A free Google Ads audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your Google Ads account by a specialized ai tool such as Adsbot or a professional digital agency. The free Google ads audit assesses the performance of your campaigns, finds areas of improvement, and provides recommendations to help you achieve better results from your Google ads advertising.

Auditing your Google Ads is an important process to ensure that your advertising campaigns are effective, efficient, and achieving your marketing goals. A free google ads audit helps you identify issues that may be impacting your Google ads performance, such as high costs, low conversions, or low quality score pages, and provides you with actionable recommendations to improve your Google ads campaigns. That results in more conversions with the same budget.

Adsbot free Google Ads audit helps digital marketeers understand the performance of their ads and provides insights on how to improve them to achieve better results and a better return on investment. It helps you optimize your google ads campaigns showing the keyword ideas and duplicate keywords to improve their effectiveness, reduce costs, and increase conversions of the campaigns. In addition to these, it helps you identify issues with your campaigns and provide solutions to fix them. Also, a Google Ads audit One of the most important benefits is that it gives you more time to focus on your work.

A Free Google Ads audit typically includes a comprehensive report about search terms, keywords, landing pages and performance data. The free audit report also includes the potential sitelink areas for your campaigns. The audit report provides you with a detailed analysis of your campaigns, recommendations for improvements, and insights on how to optimize your ads for better results.

The duration of a free Google Ads audit can vary depending on the complexity of your account and the scope of the audit. However, with advanced ai features of Adsbot it only takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

Adsbot free Google Ads audit report includes an overview of your account’s performance. With the fantastic features of Adsbot free audit tool, the audit report provides you with recommendations to improve your campaigns, including suggestions for optimizing your targeting, such as negative keyword ideas and potential search terms. The report also provides you landing page quality score report and budget recommendations in order to improve your ad performance and achieve better results.

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