How to Improve Quality Score in Google Ads?

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How to Check Quality Score in Google Ads?

To maximise the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns, you need a high Quality Score. To determine how effective your advertising, keywords, and landing pages are, Google utilises a number called Quality Score. Ads with a higher Quality Score not only have a lower cost per click (CPC), but also have a higher chance of being displayed to potential customers. We’ll go through what Quality Score is, why it matters, how to check your Quality Score, and five concrete techniques to boost your Quality Score and your Google Ads performance in this article.


What is Quality Score?

Each of the keywords in your Google Ads account is given a Quality Score from 1 to 10 (with 10 being the best). How well your adverts answer consumers’ search queries is measured by this metric. Ad relevancy, projected CTR, landing page experience, and account performance history are just few of the elements used to determine your Quality Score. If Google sees that your ad is very relevant and beneficial to users, it will decrease your cost-per-click and raise its position in search results.


Why Quality Score Matters?

The paramount significance of Google Ads’ Quality Score resides in its ability to ascertain the triumph and efficacy of your advertisements. By virtue of possessing an elevated Quality Score, your advertisements shall be positioned more prominently within search results, thereby garnering a greater number of impressions and augmenting the likelihood of securing a transaction. Enhance the calibre of your Quality Score in order to diminish your Cost Per Click, thereby maximising the utilisation of your advertising funds and augmenting your prospects of triumphing in the auction.


How Do I Check My Quality Score?

Here are the steps you should take to view your Quality Score in Google Ads:

  1. Go to the “Keywords” section of your Google Ads account.
  2. Hover over the speech bubble icon next to the keyword status and select the keyword you wish to view the Quality Score for.
  3. Your Quality Score and its parts (ad relevancy, projected CTR, and landing page experience) will be displayed in a box.


How Often Does Quality Score Update?

The Quality Score is not a perpetual and unchanging indicator, but rather a variable that oscillates periodically. The efficacy of your advertisements, the user’s experience on your landing page, and even the conduct of your competitors can collectively exert an influence on your Quality Score. Therefore, it is imperative to diligently monitor this metric on a regular basis, despite Google’s reluctance to disclose the frequency of its updates.


5 Ways to Use Quality Score to Improve Your Performance

  1. Make sure your keywords are pertinent to your ad copy and landing page to maximise click-throughs and conversions. Make use of specialised keyword ad groups and add-ons to raise ad relevancy.
  2. Make sure your landing pages correspond with your adverts and give relevant content for your visitors. Make sure your landing pages are easy to use, quick to load, and mobile-friendly.
  3. Increase predicted CTR by writing attention-grabbing ad copy. Make your advertising more interesting and useful to users by adding in relevant ad extensions.
  4. To stop your advertising from appearing in response to queries that have nothing to do with your business, use “negative keywords.”
  5. Constantly experiment with new ads, keywords, and landing pages to find what works best. You can increase your click-through rates and perfect your ad copy with the help of A/B testing.

In conclusion, raising your Quality Score is an essential tactic for boosting the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns. You may increase your Quality Score, lower your CPC, and get better results from your advertising campaigns if you pay attention to things like ad relevancy, predicted CTR, landing page experience, and optimisation tactics. To maintain competitiveness and get the most out of your advertising budget, you should regularly check your Quality Score and adapt your ad campaign accordingly.

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