Search Impression Share Definition

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Search Impression Share Definition

Search Impression Share is a key performance indicator (KPI) that helps advertisers evaluate the visibility of their ads across search engines. It measures how often your ad appears on the search engine results page (SERP) and how much market share your ads are capturing. By comparing your impression share against your competitors, you can gauge your relative success in the search landscape and identify opportunities to improve your visibility. Additionally, tracking your impression share over time can help you understand how changes to bids, budget, or other elements of your campaigns are impacting performance by controlling campaign performance analysis and the KPI dashboard on your account.

Top topics about search impression share you will learn in this article:

  • What is Google Ads Impression Share?
  • What is Google Ads Search Impression Share?
  • Calculating Search Impression Share
  • Importance and Benefits of Increasing Your Search Impression Share


What is Impression Share?

Impression share is a metric used to measure the visibility of ads that help improve PPC optimization. It is calculated by dividing the total number of impressions received by the total number of eligible impressions to be seen. Impression share is important because it’s a measure of how successful your campaign is in reaching potential customers. A high impression share means that your ad is being seen more often than competitors, while a low impression share means that your ad isn’t being seen as often as it could be. Search impression share is a specific type of impression share that looks at impressions on the search network.


You can see the search rate of competitors’ websites on the search results page from the Auction Insight section and you can reach your own ranking from here.


Auction Insight Impression Share

There is also another term that is related to impression: Search Network. Search Network is a group of search-related sites that Google uses to show your ads. It’s different from the Display Network in that it focuses on relevant search terms. Your ads are eligible for Search Network if they meet certain criteria, including keywords, location, and language. With Search Network, you can measure the percentage of impressions your ads receive compared to their potential number of impressions. This metric is known as Search Impression Share. After regular follow-up and analysis reviews, if you think your search impression share is low, you can change keyword match types, edit your location targets, and expand or narrow the language option, as well as your budget. This is directly proportional to the goals of your business.


Here is an example of the top impression share and absolute top of keywords in search terms by keyword matches:


keyword top IS

The values in the image represent the percentage visibility of our ads at the top of the Google search results page when we advertise with this word.


What is Search Impression Share?


Search Impression Share (SIS) is a metric that measures the number of impressions your ads have received compared to the estimated number of impressions they could have received. It is calculated by taking the total impressions your ad has received and dividing it by the estimated number of impressions it could have received.


SIS is an important metric for any business using PPC as part of their digital marketing strategy as it helps to measure visibility for specific search terms. A high Search Impression Share means that you are reaching a greater number of potential customers while a low impression share signifies that you are not reaching as many people as you could be. Improving your SIS requires optimizing your ads and campaigns to rank higher in search engine results and increasing your budget for more impressions. Monitoring your Search Impression Share is also essential in order to understand how effective your campaigns are and to identify areas for improvement.


Keyword IS

When a high Search Impression Share is achieved, it means that your ad campaigns are doing well and they are winning more auctions than they are eligible for. It is also a positive sign that your ads are being seen by the right target audience, as it means that you are targeting the right keywords and search terms. A high Search Impression Share can also mean that you may be able to allocate more of your budget to increase visibility and reach more potential customers.


A low Search Impression Share shows that your potential reach is much bigger than what you’re actually getting. This means that your ads are not showing as often as they could due to factors like budget, ad rank, or targeting settings. Low impression share can be an indicator of wasted potential and can mean that you’re missing out on potential clicks and conversions. To improve Search Impression Share, you will need to take a look at your keyword bids, ad copy, targeting settings, and more Google ads insights on your account.


Calculating Search Impression Share

Search Impression Share is a key metric in understanding your visibility on the Search Network. To calculate your ad’s impression share, all you have to do is take the total number of impressions your advertisement gets in any given time period and divide it by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive. For example, if your ad was eligible for 10,000 impressions and it received 5,000 impressions, then its search impression share would be 50%. Additionally, keep in mind that this calculation should be done for each keyword or ad group that you’re tracking.


Importance and Benefits of Increasing Your Search Impression Share

Improving your search impression share requires a combination of tactics. You need to focus on ad quality and adjust your geographical targeting. Start by reducing the number of regions you’re targeting, as this will improve your impression share. You should also look for keywords with high impressions and low CTRs, as this will help you optimize your budget and improve your impression share. Finally, you should monitor your search impression share regularly to ensure that it’s performing as expected. With these tips, you can increase your search impression share and maximize the impact of your ads.

Increasing your search impression share can be beneficial in a variety of ways. By increasing your search impression share, you can increase the reach of your ads and potentially drive more traffic to your website. You can also increase the visibility of your ads, which can lead to more conversions and better ROI. Additionally, increasing your search impression share can help you appear in more competitive markets and gain more customers. Finally, increasing your search impression share can help you optimize your bidding strategy and maximize your budget.

Once you’ve implemented the strategies mentioned above to improve and increase your search impression share, it’s important to ensure that your efforts are paying off. Regularly monitoring your search impression share can help you identify any areas of improvement and take steps to further Google ads optimization. To monitor your search impression share, you can use Google Ads’ built-in reporting tools or a third-party tool to track your progress and make sure you’re always getting the most out of your campaigns and budget.

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