Google Ads Auction Insights 

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Google Ads Auction Insights 

When a user searches for a keyword, Google conducts an ad auction in the background to determine which ads serve and where they should appear on the search result page. Each auction may produce a different result since the auction process is repeated every time a user searches for a term. The auction insights report assists advertisers in understanding how they compare to other advertisers in these auctions. 

What Is Auction Insights Report and What Does It Include?

Google Ads’ auction insights report includes information about other advertisers bidding on the same keywords as you. This data can assist advertisers in making strategic decisions about bidding and budgeting by highlighting areas where you are succeeding and where you may be missing opportunities. An auction insight report is not available for each Google Ads campaign type. For Search Campaigns, Google shopping ads, and Performance Max Campaigns, the auction insights report is available. There are six metrics available in the auction insights report, and they are: 


  • Impression Share

It is called an impression each time an ad appears on the Google results page. Impression share indicates how frequently the ad appears in comparison to how frequently it has the potential to appear on the search engine results page. Formula: 

Impression share = (impressions/total eligible impressions) x 100

  • Overlap Rate

The frequency of which another advertiser’s ad appeared when your ad also appeared in the same auction. 

  • Position Above Rate

It indicates how often another advertiser’s ad has a higher position than yours in the same auction. 

  • Top of Page Rate

It refers to how often your ad was shown at the top of the page, above the organic search results. 

  • Absolute Top-of-Page Rate

It shows how often your ad was shown at the absolute top of the page as the first ad above the unpaid search results. 

  • Outranking Share 

It indicates how often your ad ranked higher in the auction than another advertiser’s ad. 

How to Read Google Ads Auction Insights Report?

In Google Ads optimization, it is important to understand the data accurately. If current ad campaigns are not working, it is a good idea to consider to re-shape the digital marketing strategy. At this stage, the Google Ads auction insights report will be very useful in making the right decision. 

An ad campaign can be analyzed and improved according to Google Ads Insights. Within the scope of the auction insight report, main competitors can be identified, and new competitors can be found. According to six main metrics in the auction insights report, competitor campaigns that work better than yours can be identified. Based on impression share, you can find out how much your competitors might spend.

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