Google Shopping Ads: A Brief Introduction

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What Are Google Shopping Ads?

Google has many integrated services, and the company has already earned well-deserved fame in the marketing industry. Among these services, Google Shopping has started to burst into prominence because of the marketing and conversion opportunities. An essential guide will prove helpful before utilizing your Google Shopping Ads campaign with various tricks and techniques.


What Are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads evolved at such a rapid pace since its initial release back in 2012. Google’s improved algorithms and AI opened new doors for merchants and marketers. According to recent figures, Shopping Ads have become one of the most popular advertising services offered by the company. So what is the real strength of Google Shopping Ads? How can we explain it with better words?


It might be better to start by answering the latter question. Simply put, Google Shopping Ads are the products Google promotes on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). These results significantly impact customer behavior, thus providing unique opportunities for ambitious advertisers. It constitutes one of the most fundamental strengths of Google Shopping Ads. Without launching a completely independent shopping platform, Google simply utilizes the power of their undoubtedly dominant search engine.


Where Do Google Shopping Ads Appear?

Shopping Ads appear not only through Google Ads but also through Google Merchant Center. Google Ads focuses on initiating shopping campaigns and optimizing several settings behind them. On the other hand, Google Merchant Center provides an opportunity for its users to store their respective product feeds and further details regarding shipping and taxation processes. Both platforms have several tricks to provide the highest possible optimization for users. Understanding them and utilizing them is very important to succeed in your advertising campaign.


Three Pillars of a Successful Shopping Ads Campaign

Several tricks can help you reveal the true potential of your campaign. However, three appear the most significant, thus requiring specific in-depth attention.


  1. Creation of the most effective advertisement through an optimized product feed
  2. Acquiring understandable reporting data to have a better understanding of how to achieve the best decisions
  3. Establishing a campaign structure through which you can make an equilibrium between the level of control and “your prize” from Google


Using these three significant key goals as foundations, you should create a road map for advertising strategies. Of course, this list can be expanded towards eternity; nevertheless, seven possible strategies might be the most fruitful on that path towards marketing your products successfully.


Best Seven Google Shopping Ads Strategies

Triumph lies in constant hard work. So here is a brief review of the best seven possible Google Shopping Ads strategies, which will accompany you on that track.


Layer in Remarketing through RLSA Campaigns

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) lets you aim at people who have contact with your platform and websites. With them, you will reach a larger audience that has already gotten acquainted with your products. Getting in touch with your potential customers will definitely have a good influence on your marketing strategies. Considering this, analyzing how RLSA Campaigns work will provide you with a good foundation for future success.


Aim New Visitor Groups with Similar Audiences

Similar Audiences constitute another good point, through which you may be able to attract more potential customers to your products. People with similar preferences and opinions will be more likely to convert. So, attracting them should be a priority for you. Getting new potential customers through simplified audience targeting will bring more than you could have ever expected.


Leverage Your Customer Match Data

Customer Match lets you register customers’ contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses. It has many significant benefits such as promoting repeated purchases from previous customers, re-engaging with your loyal customers with the benefits Google provides, and the potential of remarketing strategies in a general sense.


Include Geo-Targeting Modifiers

Geography targeting facilitates reaching customers within a specific geographic zone. Sometimes, a product might appeal to a niché target’s particular necessities and interests, living within a location. That being said, there still exist several key points while implementing such a strategy, such as removing the zones that you want to exclude from your marketing campaign.


Get to More Mobile Users through Showcase Shopping Ads

The most fundamental aim of Google Showcase Shopping Ads is to let non-branded shoppers discover what they want to purchase and where they can do this action. For example, when a user searches for extensive, high-volume keywords on a smartphone, Google Showcase Shopping ads appear at the top of the search results.


Competitiveness through Auction Insights

The specialists use Google’s Auction Insights to compare their findings to other marketers competing in the same auctions. This sort of information may support merchants in establishing smart bidding and budgeting decisions by identifying where they are excelling and where they may be losing out on possibilities to boost performance.


Integrate Merchant Promotions with your Shopping Ads

Merchant Promotions can also significantly impact your sales performance, particularly when competing alongside bigger delivery companies. Merchant Promotions—sometimes known as special offers—assist retailers in promoting their products and boosting their click-through rates (CTR) and conversions. On Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLA) grid, online advertisers can also include vouchers or promotions alongside product and business information in search engine results.


Closing Remarks

Using Google Shopping Ads has become something a modern retailer can no longer afford to ignore. There are many strategies and tricks that you can utilize to achieve more success on that trail, which will take you straight to your imagined levels in the marketing industry.

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