IP Exclusions in Google Ads

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Are you running a Google Ads campaign and looking for ways to optimize it? If you’re having trouble getting the most out of your budget, then IP exclusions are an easy way to control who sees your ads. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what IP exclusions are and how they can help you improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns! If you decide to use this exclusion feature you can compare campaign performance analysis to see how results are affected when you block unnecessary clicks on the ads!


What Are IP Exclusions?

IP exclusions in Google Ads are a way to manage who can and cannot see your ads. This allows you to block ads from appearing in specific places such as your home computer or company network so that ads are only seen by the intended audience. IP Exclusions allow you to manually enter up to 500 IP addresses of users whom you don’t want to see your ads. It is important to note that Google limits the size of the exclusion list and suggests using IP ranges instead of individual IP addresses for maximum effect. To add an IP range as an exclusion, simply enter the first three sets of numbers followed by an asterisk (e.g., 194.82.210.*). By doing this, all of the IP addresses within that range will be blocked from viewing your ad campaigns.


Why Should You Exclude IPs in Google Ads?

IP exclusions can be an effective tool and PPC optimization method for businesses running Google Ads campaigns. By manually entering the IP addresses of users you don’t want to see your ads, you can proactively identify and block fraudulent traffic, improve your ad reach, and grow your business faster.


Google Ads IP exclusions allow you to control who sees your ads based on their IP address after campaign creation in Google Ads. This is especially useful if a particular user or region is generating a lot of clicks that are not leading to conversions. With IP exclusions, you can ensure that these non-converting clicks do not impact your budget, cost-per-click (CPC) or performance metrics in Google Ads.


What Are IP Exclusions?


How to Create an IP Exclusion List

To create an IP exclusion list in Google Ads, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Google Ads account and click “Settings” from the page menu on the left.
  2. Look for the option “IP Exclusions” and check if it is available. If not, find and click Additional Settings in the list, then look for “IP Exclusions” under Advanced Settings.
  3. Click on the ‘Exclusions’ tab at the bottom left of the page to open up a new window with all of your current exclusions listed out by their respective IP address or range of IP addresses.
  4. Under ‘New Exclusion’ enter the individual or range of IP addresses (or subnets) you want to exclude from viewing your advertisements and click ‘Save’ at the top right corner when done entering all of them into this field box.


How to Add an IP Address to Your Exclusion List

IP exclusions are an important tool for managing your Google Ads campaigns. They allow you to specify which IP addresses should not be able to view or interact with your ads, protecting you from fraud and unwanted clicks. Adding an IP address to your exclusion list is easy, and can help ensure that you don’t waste money on fraudulent clicks or impressions.


First, open up the settings page in your Google Ads account. Click on Exclusions at the bottom left and then click Additional Settings in the list of available options. The IP exclusion list will appear in this section, where you can manually enter any IP addresses that you want to exclude from seeing your ads. You can also use 3rd party tools that allow you to view the IP addresses of those who have visited your website so that you can add them directly to the exclusion list without having to manually enter each one. Keep in mind that Google limits account to 500 rows of excluded IPs, so make sure to use ranges when possible for maximum efficiency.


Managing and Automating your IP Exclusions

To manage IP exclusions in Google Ads, start by going to “Settings” in the page menu on the left-hand side of the screen. From there, scroll down to “Advanced Settings” where you will find an option for IP Exclusions. Here, you can manually enter any IP addresses that should be blocked from viewing or engaging with your ads.


You can also take advantage of third-party tools which automate this process for you by automatically adding new IP exclusions to all campaigns within your account as needed. Additionally, Google Analytics 4 has an automatic feature enabled called “IP Anonymization” which prevents user data.


Why Block IP Addresses google ads

The Benefits of Using an Automated Tool for Your Ad Campaigns

The Google Ads IP Exclusion Tool allows for IP address exclusion at both a campaign level and any different type of keywords level. By selecting the appropriate setting, you can effectively prevent certain computers from seeing your ad. This is especially useful if you have a specific target audience or geographic area, as it allows you to exclude any unwanted traffic outside of this region or demographic. Additionally, if you have identified fraudulent clicks coming from certain IP addresses, blocking those addresses can help reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns which also allows you to improve the quality score on Google Ads.


Using an automated tool for managing IP exclusions can be incredibly useful when it comes to staying on top of any changes in traffic patterns or fraudulent activity in real-time. With an automated tool, you can set up rules that will automatically apply IP exclusions whenever certain criteria are met, such as identifying high volumes of click fraud from a particular IP address or geographic region.


Tools for managing IP exclusions:

  • Google ads editor
  • IP exclusion tool
  • Google ads ip exclusion tool

These tools below are also know as click fraud protection tools

  • Lunio
  • Clickguard
  • ClickCease
  • Clixtell


How many IP addresses can you exclude in Google Ads?

The current limit is 500 IP addresses per campaign in Google Ads. If you want to exclude more for a single campaign you need to split campaigns.


Can IP address excluded in targeting?

Yes, excluding by IP Address allows you to exclude specific IP address(es) from being served your ads.



Google Ads IP exclusions are an effective way to manage and control who can view your ads. By excluding particular IP addresses, you can prevent fraudulent clicks and impressions while ensuring your ads are seen only by people in the locations you have targeted. Additionally, with Google’s IP anonymization enabled in Google Analytics 4, your customers’ data remains secure. With the right use of IP exclusion, you can make sure your ads reach the right people and get better ROI for your campaigns!


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