How to Outrank Your Competition in Google?

Adsbot Growth Team
How to Outrank Your Competition in Google

In the super competitive world of digital ads, the constant struggle to rank at the top of search results is always a challenge.  Beating your competition on Google can majorly impact your online visibility and, at the end of the day, your success.  In this piece we’ll explore strategies to outperform your competitors in Google results, provide ideas on assessing the competition within Google Ads, and offer helpful tips to help you secure a leading spot. 


How to Scope Out Competition in Google Ads

First, do thorough keyword research and identify the keywords and phrases that your competitors are going after.  Tools like Google’s Keyword Planner can assist in finding relevant keywords and judging the competition for each.  


In Google Ads you can access the Ad Auction Insights report.  This report gives valuable info about how your ads are performing compared to the competition.  You can see metrics like Impression Share, Overlap Rate, and Position Above Rate, which show how often your ads are popping up next to or above your competitors’ ads. 


Actions to Take About Competition in Google Ads

Google likes it when ads give users a good experience.  Focus on making your landing pages ad text, and keywords relevant and helpful.  If your ads are high quality, Google may show them higher up and charge you less.  Use ad extensions to make your ads more interesting and useful. Sitelink, callout and structured snippet extensions can share extra details about your business, products, or services.  Also, work on content marketing to make valuable, helpful, and relevant content that answers your target audiences questions.  High-quality content can improve your organic search rankings. 


Try different bidding strategies.  You can choose manual bidding to control your budget and ad position better, or use automated bidding to maximize clicks, conversions or conversion value.  Write compelling ad text and visuals to stand out.  Show why you’re unique and offer incentives to get clicks.  Update your ad images and text regularly to keep things fresh and appealing.  In general, focus on giving users a good experience on your website.  Make sure pages load fast, the site works on mobile, and navigation is intuitive.  A good user experience can reduce bounce rates and help your SEO. 


Doing better than your competitors on Google takes ongoing work that requires planning, analyzing data, and constantly improving.  By understanding your competitors, using data to decide things, and continuously optimizing your campaigns you can increase your chances of placing high in search results and attracting more customers to your business.

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