How to Add Negative Keywords in Performance Max Campaigns?

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How to Add Negative Keywords in Performance Max Campaigns

The optimization of your Google Performance Max campaigns requires careful strategizing and careful improvement.  An indispensable part of this optimization procedure is the use of negative keywords. Utilizing adverse keywords facilitates the meticulous honing of your campaign’s targeting, thereby guaranteeing the exhibition of your advertisements to the utmost pertinent audience.


What are Performance Max Negative Keywords?

Performance Max negative keywords are search terms or keywords that you explicitly designate to warn Google against showing your advertisements when these particular keywords are included in a user’s search query. Through intentionally leaving out specific keywords, you possess the ability to prevent the appearance of your advertisements to individuals who show a decreased likelihood of engaging in a desired action or have no desire towards your offerings of services. 


Benefits of Using Negative Keywords for PMax Campaigns

Using negative keywords aids in the filtration of unnecessary traffic, thereby guaranteeing that your advertisements are directed towards individuals who have a genuine interest in the offerings you provide. Through the deliberate omission of unrelated keywords, one can effectively optimize their financial resources, thus diminishing unnecessary spending on clicks that possess a low probability of resulting in desired conversions.


How to Add Negative Keywords to Google Performance Max Campaigns?

 To incorporate negative keywords into your Google Performance Max campaigns, commence by accessing your Google Ads account through authentication. Upon successfully accessing your account, proceed with the designated Performance Max campaign in which you intend to incorporate negative keywords. Subsequently, proceed to select the “Keywords” tab situated within your campaign interface. Included within this particular tab, you will find the section designated as “Negative Keywords.” Please select the “Edit” button within this section to commence the process of incorporating your unfavorable keywords. You have the option to input them individually or upload a roster, contingent upon your personal inclination. 


Best Practices When Using Negative Keywords

Consistently examine the success of your campaign and carry out modifications to the list of negative keywords as deemed necessary. Novel investigation phrases may arise requiring the act of excluding certain elements. The Google Ads platform gives you the opportunity to generate compilations of adverse keywords, which can subsequently be implemented across various campaigns. This has the potential to save time.


Select match categories that correspond to your particular requirements. The use of broad match facilitates the removal of a wide range of inconsequential terms, whereas the implementation of exact match affords a heightened level of careful command.


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