Automation and Optimization Tools to Elevate Your Marketing to the Next Level

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Many companies use marketing automation to reduce effort, reach their target audience, and increase sales. They utilize this automation by integrating them into their websites or social media accounts. 


In this article, we will explain what automation software includes, which ones are more effective, and how they can benefit a company’s growth.


What Is Marketing Automation Software?

Many companies collect data about their potential customers on their websites or social media accounts after creating their target audience. However, when this collection process is done manually, it is a huge workload and takes a long time. Marketing automation, on the other hand, enables a quicker process through software. With diverse software options, you can save your company’s data and automatically process this data for marketing.

Do You Need Marketing Automation Software?

When you start a company from scratch, you first determine to whom you will appeal. One of the most valuable points that your company needs, whether B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer), is to achieve a steep growth graph, like a hockey stick growth. If you integrate automation software into your company, you can gain good momentum in a short time. In this respect, marketing automation software is a crucial need. Thanks to automation software, you can make progress in the following areas.


  • Reaching potential customers and automatically extracting their probability of purchase.
  • Automatically informing about campaigns and developments via email.
  • Showing that your company is always with the customer until the sale and forward.
  • Developing your sales strategy with the demographic information you automatically collect from potential customers.
  • Reaching customers with the tags, you create on social media.
  • Enabling your customers to engage in their repurchase behavior by receiving feedback and supporting a positive process.
  • Learning with automatic data whether there is a return on investments (ROI) of marketing efforts like advertisements, etc.
  • Personalizing your website for the incoming user with data from search buttons such as Google and creating the optimum products and advertisements.

Some of the Best Marketing Automation Software on the Market

Marketing automation software affects your company in various ways. These effects are generally positive. Primarily among these software, the following are among the most preferred and prominent on the market.



Adsbot is a fresh and competent tool to optimize and automate your Google Ads campaigns. If you’re after a cost-effective, time-saving solution that will notify you about the anomalies in your campaigns and increase your revenue, Adsbot can help you with that.


  • Adsbot is an excellent tool for organizations on any scale. From freelancers to large marketing departments, Adsbot offers an effective solution for Google Ads campaigns.
  • Adsbot enables you to utilize Google Ads Scripts without any coding knowledge.
  • With alerts and optimization recommendations, you can save incredible time in identifying and solving anomalies in your campaigns.
  • You can test Adsbot’s efficiency with their 14-day trial plan in its total capacity without registering with your credit card, and you can cancel anytime.


  • You can only use Adsbot with Google Ads, but the software updates pretty frequently, and soon you can have integrations with platforms like Amazon, Facebook, etc.
  • You can add custom features tailored for your unique business needs and goals, but unfortunately, it’s only available in the Pro Plan.


Oracle Marketing

Founded in 1999, Oracle was one of the first companies to offer marketing automation. This tool is especially suitable for large companies as it has a higher monthly fee than others; it starts at $2000.


  • It can integrate with more than 700 platforms.
  • Provides support with practical tools at every step of the marketing process.
  • It has an exemplary configuration for B2B companies.


  • It has no integration with Google Ads For many users, this is a major shortcoming.
  • The monthly fee is too high for many customers.
  • In terms of the user interface, customers state that they have difficulty achieving what they want.


Standing out with its many features such as email automation, social media marketing, providing integrations, and keeping in touch with potential customers, Pardot serves B2B companies with a sales and marketing mission. Its monthly fee is $1250.


  • It has an easy interface for copying, organizing, and sharing resources.
  • You can integrate it with Salesforce.
  • Provides detailed and understandable reports on many topics such as marketing campaigns, forms, and landing pages.


  • It does not have a sufficiently advanced filter for searching and segmenting people.
  • Email templates are confusing. It is not clear in reporting.
  • Many features are available at higher-priced plans. is a marketing automation tool that stands out, especially with its subscription features. It supports you in interacting with your customers continuously by creating campaigns with email automation. The monthly fee for the Basic plan is $150.


  • It has an interface that can be used easily by people who are not techies.
  • provides quick support via email or call.
  • It supports a clear view of the customer’s activities within the website.


  • Does not offer the opportunity to export data to have a different perspective.
  • Data is poor; for instance, you can’t track which links in the email customers clicked.
  • There is no automatic reporting.


CoSchedule is a good tool for scheduling social media posts, identifying posts that get the most attention, and accessing data and statistics. The system also automates processes for project management, follow-up, and informing the team. With the Marketing Calendar plan, the monthly fee is $29.


  • Using it, you can develop a content strategy.
  • With the calendar feature, you can see how far you have progressed in your projects monthly from a broad perspective.
  • Offers SEO tips for your content.


  • Its interface provides a poor user experience.
  • Considering its features, it has a high price.



You may wonder who reached a particular campaign, what comments it received, and whether it gained you a customer. Mention provides you with the data and analysis of your campaigns. It helps create the right strategies in this regard, and its monthly fee is $29.


  • You can monitor competitor brands.
  • You can check the activities of other social networks.
  • Notifies you via emails for keywords.
  • Allows you to find people who publish your content with permission.


  • Third-party integrations are weak.
  • Some articles or comments mentioning you might not appear. It can also give you irrelevant warnings.


Not every customer visiting your website may fill out a form or purchase a product. Thanks to Leadfeeder, you can get detailed information about these visitors. You can create a potential customer identity by developing new strategies with the data you get from them. Its monthly price is $79 after a 14-day free trial.


  • You can see the names of the companies that visited your website.
  • Provides integration with Google Analytics.
  • It presents the data of how many minutes your visitors have been on pages.


  • It does not give real-time alerts about visitors but the day after.
  • This data is not saved if the visitor clicks on only one page.


If you are marketing a product or service, you may wonder about the opinions of your competitors on this subject. Prisync allows you to see the prices and price changes offered by others for the products in the sector. Its monthly pricing starts at $59.


  • The user interface is straightforward.
  • The support team is quick and competent.
  • It is possible to see the pricing history from a chronological perspective.


  • The status of the URL change is checked manually. It doesn’t happen automatically.
  • Sometimes the price update part may work slowly.



Skuuudle’s features are pretty helpful for startups. It has automation such as analyzing google competitors, earning a place in the market, and controlling pricing by comparing them with other companies. Its monthly fee is £299.99.


  • Provides a large amount of pricing data.
  • The user interface is straightforward.
  • Data is transferred accurately and instantly.


  • It provides a lot of data sets to review. These data can sometimes create confusion.
  • Pricing is not budget-friendly regarding the service offered.



AdRoll offers useful features on issues such as renewing the potential customer identity and making changes after the company has made a certain development. In addition, it supports personalized ads and integrates with many platforms. Its monthly fee is $25.


  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • You can select various target audiences for the advertisement.
  • It has features specially developed for creating email campaigns and Facebook ads.


  • Advertising automation is limited and insufficient in countries where English is not the primary language.
  • It won’t work functionally for small audiences. You need a larger audience.



It is a marketing automation program developed to create and manage customer loyalty. It allows you to interact with customers by reaching them through mobile applications with many promotion options. You need to contact TapMango for pricing. 


  • It provides easy integration.
  • It strengthens loyalty every day by creating and retargeting a customer identity.
  • It enables small businesses to grow and develop in a short time.


  • Users must know HTML to create email campaigns and templates.
  • TapMango is expensive for small businesses.

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