What Is Frequency Capping?

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What Is Frequency Capping?


In marketing metrics, frequency refers to how many times the same ad was shown to a person. In other words, the same person sees the ad over and over again. On the other hand, frequency capping is a very important concept in digital advertising, allowing you to limit the number of times anyone sees your ads on their screens. The frequency cap shows the maximum number of times your ad may show in a day for a given geographic area. 


As a marketer, you are constantly trying to find new ways to optimize your marketing campaigns, increase conversions, and ultimately, drive more revenue for your business. One of the most common ways marketers optimize their campaigns is by finding the right frequency cap for their ads. This can be achieved through testing different ad frequency caps. Keeping track of the frequency metric with the KPI dashboard and showing your ads at certain frequencies will not only prevent your target audience from getting bored of seeing the same ads, but also create a great advantage in budget management.


In this article, we will take a look at the different techniques you can use to find the right frequency cap for your ad campaign and how to optimize your ad frequency in the future.


You will learn 3 main issues about frequency capping in this article:


  • What Is the Right Frequency Capping?
  • How to Find It?
  • How to Optimize Your Ad Frequency?


What Is the Right Frequency Cap?


In order to get the most from your ad campaign, you need to find the right frequency cap. The frequency cap determines how frequently your ad will show up in the search engine results (SERPs) and also determines how much your ad will cost you. The right frequency cap is how many times your ad will be shown in a day and for how long it will be shown to the right target audiences. With a right frequency cap, you will not overwhelm the target audience with the same ad over and over. In this way, both the consumer will not get bored with that advertisement of the brand and you will not lose any budget. To put it step-by-step, if the same ad is shown to users many times, the users will not click on the ad even though they see it, and this will affect the CTR value, quality score and the ad budget.

By adding various columns related to the frequency at the campaign level, you can track your ads along with other metrics. For example, you can view an average person’s impression frequency ratio that has occurred in the last 7 days or the last month.

How to Find the Right Frequency Cap for Your Ad Campaign


This is a great question that many advertisers ask because they are interested in finding the right frequency cap for social media ads optimization and Google Ads optimization on their running ad campaigns.


There are a lot of different things that go into finding the right frequency cap: 


  • the keywords you are targeting
  • the competition
  • the amount of time you are willing to spend on the ad campaign


If you want to find the right frequency cap for your ad campaign, it is important to start by looking at the keywords you are targeting. By doing this, you will be able to see what the best frequency cap is for your ad campaign. You will also want to consider the competition. The competition will tell you what frequency cap you should use as well. Finally, you should consider the amount of time you are willing to spend on the campaign. If you only have a limited amount of time, you should use a frequency cap that is lower than what you would usually use.


First of all, you should make the adjustments with Frequency management in Settings.

You can leave the frequency management to Google optimization, or you can choose the day, week, month, and at what level and how often your ads can be shown.

How to Optimize Your Ad Frequency


There are different caps for different types of ads, depending on the kind of ad campaign you are running. For example, if you are running a Google Search Network keyword campaign creation on Google Ads, you will have a different frequency cap than if you are running a Google Display Network campaign.


You may be wondering how often you should run your ad campaign. This is a tricky question. It all depends on how much money you want to make and how much money you are willing to spend. However, there are some general rules you can follow. First, you should publish your ads regularly and up to date. Second, you should always make sure you have a variety of products/services to offer. Then, the most important point is to follow the campaign performance analysis regularly and to determine your bid more accurately and precisely in your next campaign, based on your evaluation of your metrics and keywords accordingly. The more you offer, the better your ad will rank on the results page as it competes with other advertisers, and the more likely the target audience will click.

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