How to Improve Your Quality Score on Google Ads

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How to Improve Your Quality Score on Google Ads

How to Improve Your Quality Score on Google Ads


There is no one guaranteed answer for improving your Quality Score on Google Ads, but there are a few general tips and best practices that can help. Understanding Quality Score is essential to understanding how Google Ads works. Some key points to keep in mind are ensuring your ads are relevant to your keywords and landing page, using negative keywords to filter out irrelevant searches, and writing clear and concise ad copy. Well, another important question to understand the subject is how to improve the keyword Quality Score.


You will learn 2 main issues about improving Quality Score on Google Ads in this article:


  • Why A High Quality Score Is Important for Your Google Ad Campaigns?
  • Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Quality Score


Why A High Quality Score Is Important for Your Google Ad Campaigns


A high Quality Score is important for your Google Ads campaigns as it can help you save money and improve your ad performance. What would help improve conversions and increase ad quality score?


Google uses Quality Scores to determine how relevant and useful your ads are to users, and the higher your score, the less you PPC. Users do not prefer to engage when they see irrelevant content. In this case, the CPC of your ads that are displayed but not clicked frequently will increase and the Quality Score will unfortunately decrease. In order to avoid this situation, you should take care to provide relevant content.


The aim of all PPC ads is to try to get the most accurate results by using the budget in the most efficient way. This is essential both for your Google Ads optimization and very important for your business ROI. When your budget is spent incorrectly, your CPC or CPM may increase, and as a result, your Quality Score may decrease, and you may enter into a troublesome advertising process, including later in showing your ads to your target audience.


Sure, improving your Quality Score can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but it’s worth the effort to make your ad campaigns more effective and efficient. You can start improving your Quality Score by following the tips in this blog post and get better results by learning what to consider as the first step when you have a campaign creation Google Ads.


Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Quality Score


Adding relevant keywords, headlines, and description texts for the product and service you’re advertising is just as important as providing the correct URL. The fact that the page that users are directed to after clicking on the ad is relevant means that your ad is shown against the word they searched for in the Google Search Network. In order to rank at the top of the first page on the Search Engine Results Page, you need to include relevant ad content. This will increase your Quality Score.


You can take a look at the general view of your campaign details with the Overview option at the campaign level. 

When you hover over your words in the Keywords box, it will inform you about your Quality Score.

In addition, according to which metric you want to learn your Quality Score, it is possible to change it here.

You can also try testing your ads to see campaign performance analysis which are performing best and using Ad Extensions to add more relevant information to your ads. Ad Extensions let users know what kind of page awaits them on the website before they click on your ad. Thus, if your extensions meet their expectations, in other words, if there is relevant content that the user is looking for, your ad will be clicked. The visitor, who does not encounter any surprises inside, is likely to turn into your potential customer. This will increase your Quality Score.


In summary, providing a properly working website URL, designing a user-friendly website, using relevant keywords, including relevant headline and description texts, using Ad Extensions and supporting quality images will help you increase your Quality Score and start your ad campaigns strong.

You can look at the strength of your ad’s description and text at the ad level. On the editing page, the “Ad Strength” bar will help you create your ad texts and guide you to create the ideal content by highlighting the strong and weak points.


Additionally, you can try split testing your ads to see which ones perform best, and using Ad Extensions to add more relevant information to your ads. Following these tips should help you improve your Quality Score and get your ad campaigns off to a strong start.


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