How to Create Impressive Ads with Google Ad Extensions?

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How to Use Google Ads Extensions Effectively

Have you ever seen Google Ads with cool information and useful CTAs? If you think “how do they do that on Google?” we got you covered!

Promoting your products or websites with Google is simpler than you think. If you have the right keyword strategy for your campaign, you can get clicks or leads easily. This is the best part of Search Engine Marketing. However, your potential customers want to see more information about your business on Google. Creating an ad without any additional information is not catchy. Mostly, additional information-supported ads have more ROI. On the other hand, adding more pieces of information, visuals, buttons, and CTAs to your ads leads you to a different level on the potential customer experience. Giving more detailed and well-prepared content with various links on your Ads will help you gain more attention and optimize your Google Ads Account better.

What are Google Ad Extensions?

Google Ads Extensions are upgrades to help you make your ads more impressive. They enable you to add some extra features to your ads that can get more visitors to your website, have more phone calls, convert more people, give more information about discounts to your potential customers, etc.

What Kind of Extensions Does Google Ads Have?

As mentioned above Google Ads Extensions have a wide range of add-ons that include but are not limited to

  • buttons, 
  • additional information spaces, 
  • phone number space, 
  • additional link areas, 
  • and automated extension options.

All of these extensions can assist you to gain more visitors and turn them into paying customers.

How to Add Google Ads Extensions? 

You have some pages or products to promote on Google, but you don’t know how to add some extra content with Google Ads Extensions. Let’s move step by step on this process.

  • First, you need to choose which ad or campaign group you want to modify.
  • Click “Ads & Extensions” from the left of the screen, then choose “Extensions” and click the “+” button.
  • You will see a dropdown menu including extension types. Choose what do you want to add to your ad.
  • Then, customize your extension for your campaign.

And that’s it. Now, you have way better ads than you had! 

How to Use Google Ads Extensions Effectively

They are smart, they are useful, they are powerful… Every single extension has its positive impact on your potential visitors and customers. But, how to use them smartly? We have some nice recommendations for you. 

All the advice below depends on the type of your business. You don’t have to use all of them. Moreover, you can simply try the extensions and see the effects on your ads. If one of them doesn’t work well, then change it. That is easy.

Add Your Phone Number

No matter what kind of business you have, you should consider adding your phone number to ads. Your potential customers can get in touch with you, even without visiting your website. 

Google is more than just a search engine. It is also your business card. If your potential customers can’t reach your contact information with a simple search, then they might try to find other options. Give them all the fundamental information they need directly on the Google search results page.

Add Your Address

If you have a local business, then you need to give your address directly on your Google Ad. Your potential customers can use this address on their navigation app to quickly find the location of your business. Let’s say you run a hardware store, and someone needs utility tools to fix a broken sink. They would probably search “hardware stores near me,” and you will have an advantage against other businesses that haven’t used an extension to add their address to their ad.

Add Related Links

Google Ads Extensions give you more freedom and more space than you have with regular Google Ads. You can add multiple links to your ads. So, you can promote more related products and pages you have on your website in one ad.

Also, your potential customers can reach more information about your business. They can simply click what they are looking for. Use the extra spaces to promote and introduce more products or services your business provides.

Add Download Button for Your App

Do you have a mobile app that you are trying to promote? Then why don’t you add a download link for your app?

Lots of businesses have their app. Restaurants and cafés have their loyalty apps, e-commerce brands have their apps to sell products… If you have one, add a download button to your ad and redirect people directly to the app stores who search for your business online. 

Use Smart CTAs

A call-to-action is key to any ad campaign. You can’t complete your campaign without calling your potential customers to do something. Also, they can’t picture why you promoted your website. So, add strong CTAs to your ads. If you have a copy with a compelling CTA, you increase your chances to convert people.

Promote Your Best Services

Do you have an online help center or 24×7 support line? If you do, then you must promote this service on your Google Ads. Google Ads Extensions have good spots to promote some important services that your business have. Use them wisely. A couple of words will be enough to maximize the effects of this extension. e.g. 24×7 Support.

Automate Your Extensions

Do you know that you don’t have to add extensions only by yourself? You can add automated extensions that can predict which type of add-on is more likely to help you achieve your ad’s goal.

Add Message Extension

We all have introverted customers, right? Some people don’t like to talk on the phone. You might wonder how to get in touch with them.You can allow your customers to contact you via messages. So, they will have another option to reach you.

Add Prices

Prices have probably the most impact whether a visitor will become a customer or not. Also, some of your visitors are only doing Google searches to know the price of your product or service. You can add prices and discount information to your ads with Google Ads Extensions.

Use as Much as You Can

Use various types of ad extensions on your ad. So, you can direct your potential customers to your business. Also, you can invite them to visit your website. Using Google Ads with extensions is both useful for your business and your customers.

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