Google Ads Campaign Types

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Google Ads provides several campaign types with different placements and creatives that advertisers and business owners can choose according to their campaign objectives, brand strategy, and creatives. The first step of a campaign created in Google Ads is to choose campaign goals and types. To take the right actions in the PPC optimization process, the right campaign type and purpose should be chosen from the beginning. This article will explain the different features of Google Ads campaign types for those learning how to create a campaign from scratch. 


What Are the Main Google Ads Campaign Types? 


Google Search Ads (GSN)

Search Ads are an excellent way to reach users when they need your product or service. In Google Search Ads (GSN), advertisers bid on keywords and pay for ad placements. Ads are shown on Google search engine results pages (SERP) before the organic search results. The main asset of these ads are texts which are headlines and descriptions with google ads character limits. Google Ads’ headline character limit is 30 characters, while Google Ads’ description character limit is 90 characters. 


Google Display Ads (GDN)

Display ads, which are visually different from search ads, are shown on Google properties like YouTube, Gmail, and any websites. These are visual ads you see while browsing different websites and apps. Display ads are an excellent choice to build brand awareness and create an interest in the product or service. 


Video Ads

Youtube, the second most visited website globally after Google, is a great platform where products can attract attention and the brand can be promoted to a wider audience. Plus, targeting based on audience (who you want to see the ads) and content (where you want ads to show) gives advertisers the key to running a successful strategy. There are different ad formats, like Bumper, In-stream skippable and non-skippable, and video discovery, which can be matched with several campaign goals like remarketing, brand awareness, increasing sales, and website traffic.


App Promotion Ads

For companies that want to sell and promote apps is the basic and easy way to launch an app promotion campaign on Google Ads, which can help increase mobile app installs and in-app conversions. Google creates different formats according to different platforms like Google Search result page, Display, Google Play, YouTube, Discover, and other websites that the app promotion ads can be shown on. Logo, headline, description, and CTA buttons are assets that advertisers should create. Also, the app’s information, audience, and bid are the other important setups. 


Shopping Ads

Unlike the other types of Google Ads, advertisers need to make minimal additional setup or adjustments for Google shopping ads. Firstly, advertisers or business owners should submit all their product data on Google Merchant Center. Afterward, Google Ads uses this product information from Google Merchant Center to publish the ads. Instead of keyword targeting, product groups that are desired to appear in the ad can be determined. 


Performance Max Ads

It is the newest type of Google Ads campaign (released in late 2021) which is replacing local campaigns and smart campaigns altogether. Like smart campaigns, in performance max, Google creates ads dynamically and tests different combinations of ad formats, creatives, and networks to find the perfect match and optimize the desired action. Advertisers who will try Performance Max for the first time, which is a fairly new campaign type, should not allocate a lot of budget for the first time; start with a minimal budget to test and learn. 


Discovery Ads

Discovery ads are closer to display ads because they are visual and use standard audience targeting. In discovery Ads, ads are shown on Google Display Network and specific feeds like YouTube Home, Gmail, and Discover. It can be a perfect supplement to core campaigns and help build brand awareness. 


Which Campaign Type Is Right For Your Business In Google Ads?


The right campaign type in Google Ads for your business depends on your advertising goals, target audience, and budget. By understanding the different campaign types and the factors that influence your choice, you can choose the right campaign type for your business and achieve your advertising goals with Google Ads.

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