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Spending smart and efficient for successful campaigns is one of your primary goals as a digital marketer, and we know that it’s challenging and time-consuming to manage each bid to get the most out of your PPC campaigns. Here, bid management tools come to your rescue. You can ease your anxiety with a bid management tool by automating the process and optimizing the result in line with your goal, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, converting leads, or attracting more people to read your articles. Frankly, anything that works best for your business or clients.


Our article will provide an informative list of the most popular and efficient PPC bid management tools. While describing each of them, we will also list their respective pros and cons, which will help you pick the alternative that fits your needs the most.



You may automate and improve your advertising quickly with the assistance of Adsbot. With just one click, receive insights, notifications, and intelligent suggestions. Adsbot offers different packages that may fit the diverse needs of various clients, and you can try the 14-day demo option to let you test the most significant features of the software firsthand.


Pros of Adsbot

  • Optimizing account: You can identify areas to optimize for raising profits and cutting expenses.
  • Observe insights: You can quickly check your performance using insights, saving time.
  • Plan campaigns: Adsbot offers solutions for personalized and automated marketing using feeds.
  • Set notifications and alarms: Be in the know of opportunities or adversities as soon as they appear. 


Cons of Adsbot

It is a matter of life that there are still several flaws that Adsbot should focus on. But have no worries! Adsbot continues working at its ultimate speed for noticeable improvements.



Regardless of size, enterprises may operate secure PPC campaigns with the help of the fraud detection and prevention tool ClickGUARD. The solution, created for Google Ads PPC client managers and advertisers, aids in maximizing their pay-per-click ROI by removing phoney and illegal clicks from campaigns, minimizing future risks, and avoiding potential harm.


Pros of ClickGUARD

  • Easily integrated application.
  • Combined data solutions.
  • Strong support team.


Cons of ClickGUARD

  • Problems coming from anonymous clicks.
  • Understanding options can be struggling.
  • Cost Management.



A cloud-based Facebook advertising system called Madgicx was created to assist marketers in enhancing ad effectiveness and streamlining their media-buying procedures.


Pros of Madgicx

  • Easily set audiences.
  • Creative studio.
  • Flawless automation rule functions.


Cons of Madgicx

  • Confusing and lengthy set-up procedure.
  • Hard to get the hang of the software.



Machine learning is used by AdScale, a cloud-based platform for performance optimization driven by AI, to automate and improve AdWords campaigns across Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Display, as well as YouTube. PPC managers, internal marketing teams, advertising companies, and private consumers are the target audiences for the program.


Pros of AdScale

  • Top-notch customer service and support.
  • Functional keyword search.
  • Efficient AI.


Cons of AdScale

  • Limited plans.
  • High pricing.
  • Not easy to learn.



Another prominent PPC bid and budget management solution is Acquisio. It examines and modifies bids and budget allocation using algorithms. Budgets are distributed by considering things like seasonality, the day of the week, the hour of the day, and the ad platform. Using this solution, you don’t have to waste hours on PPC bidding and bid research.


Pros of Acquisio

  • Creating a proper proposal.
  • Managing the project throughout the whole process.
  • Strong accounting talents.


Cons of Acquisio

  • The inability to get rid of certain information.
  • Obscure permissions can be struggling.
  • Printing options can be improved.



Over 10,000 satisfied customers use the top click fraud protection program, ClickCease. The ClickCease system includes ongoing campaign monitoring, automated real-time IP and user blocking, a site recorder, personalized detection criteria, and comprehensive reporting.


Pros of ClickCease

  • Great customer service.
  • Easy and customer-friendly interface.
  • Rich dashboard.


Cons of ClickCease

  • Relatively higher costs.
  • Problems can occur in cross-IP blocking campaigns.
  • Manual blocking.


Marin Software

Marin Software offers integrated platforms for handling search engine marketing (SEM), advertising, promotional events, and online advertising business applications. In addition, it provides market-leading enterprise marketing software for advertisers and agencies to analyze, manage, and optimize billions of dollars in annual ad spend across the web and mobile devices.


Pros of Marin Software

  • The clean user interface.
  • Strong after-sale support.
  • The automated bidding features.


Cons of Marin Software

  • Relatively limited customizing abilities.
  • Hard integrations.
  • Lack of instructions to learn all features.



A Google Ads integrated management solution, Opteo generates optimization recommendations based on ongoing account monitoring and is supported by statistically significant data. In addition, since Opteo instantly sends modifications to Google Ads without the need to transfer between interfaces, recommendations are given in priority order, and several may be activated with a single click.


Pros of Opteo

  • Successful customer service.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good pricing.


Cons of Opteo

  • The confirmation window can bring some frustration.
  • Customization can be expanded.
  • Time-consuming recommendations.


Concluding Remarks

Once you start using bid management tools, you will definitely see a positive impact on your ROI, contrary to the decrease in time you spend operating your accounts’ campaigns.

If you haven’t tried any bid management tools so far, you can start with Adsbot’s 14-day free trial and test its features on your Google Ads campaigns. Then, if you’re content with the results, you can pick the best plan that suits your business. Furthermore, you can even get a custom quote with our Pro plan with the advantage of canceling anytime.

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