What is a Performance Max Asset?

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What is a Performance Max Asset

Assets play an essential part in the successful execution of Google Ads campaigns, particularly in the context of Performance Max campaigns. These valuable resources include a variety of distinct content elements, such as captivating visuals, captivating motion pictures, attention-grabbing titles, elaborate explanations, and distinctive logos, which you bring upon Google to create advertisements that will display themselves across a diverse array of Google platforms.  


Performance Max Asset Requirements & Specifications

In order to ensure the successful completion of your Performance Max campaign, it is of the highest importance to meticulously adhere to the requirements and particulars pertaining to Performance Max Assets.


Visual Resources: Employ visual representations in both horizontal and geometrically balanced configurations.  In the realm of landscape imagery, it is highly advised to adhere to the aspect ratio of 1.91:1, while in the case of square imagery, the ideal aspect ratio is 1:1.  The requisite resolution for images must be no less than 600 x 314 pixels, ensuring optimal visual fidelity and clarity. 


Video Assets: It is essential that the videos possess a resolution of no less than 720p and a minimum frame rate of 30 frames per second.


 Google Ads allows the utilization of diverse video formats, encompassing the esteemed MP4 and MOV file extensions.  In order to optimize the efficacy of Performance Max campaigns, it is recommended that the duration of the accompanying videos is within the range of 15 seconds to 3 minutes.  


Have a maximum of ten captivating titles for your Performance Max Assets.  Every headline is limited to a maximum of 30 characters. 


Best Practices for Performance Max Assets

In order to extract the greatest value from your Performance Max Assets, it is advisable to think upon these exemplary methodologies:


Enhance the scope of your assets: Present an assortment of captivating visuals, videos, captivating titles, and elaborate descriptions.  The vast array of variances enables Google to create exceedingly captivating mixtures of advertisements, thereby having the undivided attention of your esteemed audience. 


Conducting experiments with various headlines and descriptions may help in identifying what resonates with your intended audience.


 The use of A/B testing allows the identification of the most efficacious wording.  The advertisements are influenced by high-quality visuals, videos, and prose.  Allocate resources towards high-quality visuals and ensure that headlines and descriptions are unambiguous and captivating, thereby captivating the audience’s attention.  




What’s included in a Performance Max campaign?

The Performance Max Campaign offers a variety of elements, including images, videos, headlines, descriptions, and logos, for your use.


What’s needed for videos in PMax?

Videos should have a minimum resolution of 720p, with a frame rate of 30 frames per second. Furthermore, their duration should range from a concise span of 15 seconds to a more extensive duration of 3 minutes.


How to view assets in Google Ads Performance Max?

The act of seeing your assets is made more effortless within Google Ads, You can merely  click upon the Assets tab within the designated campaign. 


Can assets be removed from Google Ads?

Indeed, it is exceedingly facile to expunge assets, as a matter of fact. Simply navigate to the Assets section, carefully choose the item you wish to eliminate, and proceed to execute the action of deletion.

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