TikTok Ads: What to Know, Where to Start

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Advertisement has always been at the center of business and entertainment. However, a gift of rising technology, social media, has provided many new and unique tools for combining these two significant fields. Although the population has different views towards its audience, TikTok has emerged as one of the most intriguing social media platforms; thus, it offers many opportunities to business owners for advertising and marketing.


Those who use TikTok as a new path for their marketing campaigns might wonder about the basic statistics of this new and unique social media platform. Although it is hard to tell a direct number, recent statistics suggest that a massive 41 percent of users belong to the so-called Z Generation; thus, making the platform most suitable for those brands and companies that aim to reach such an age group. 


“Don’t Make Ads – Make TikTok”

TikTok appeared as a new platform in the pool of social media outlets. What made it different from dozens of other unsuccessful attempts was its unique nature of providing a new form of content to its users. In such a new world, business owners are also adopting. Instead of stiff and “soulless” advertisements, new brands and companies try to attract more young consumers from the platform by providing content with “deeper advertisement.” Instead of putting an advert directly to their pages, these companies prefer to cooperate with TikTok influencers and provide indirect advertisements within their posts.


That being said, the most important question still waits for a detailed response: “How to Start Advertising on TikTok?”


Create a Profile

That should not sound so interesting. As in any other possible social media platform, creating a new profile will be the best start to your advertisement journey. This should, logically, be followed with other necessary steps such as enriching your profile, filling the required fields with related information and starting looking for the first opportunities for your advertisement network to grow. But keep in mind that most users do not sign up to TikTok to get lost in a deep ocean of pop-up ads. Thus, you should be as adoptive and original as the platform itself if you really would like to become a successful rising star without attracting hateful comments from such a young audience.


You created your profile, filled in up blanks, and now wondering what to do next. Easy and predictable, just keep going by registering yourself into TikTok’s official Advertisement System.


Money Talks: Enrolling in TikTok Ads

Do not forget that particular limitations and price tags exist for specific countries and regions; that’s why it might be best for you to check what you can do in your respective region without facing any possible problems shortly. In addition, paid Ads have several different forms, each with specific goals and capabilities:


  • In-Feed Ads: While scrolling their feeds, the users will see the given advertisements.
  • Branded Effects: Effect filters are widely used in TikTok content, and those companies, who want to take advantage of this feature, prefer to create their own custom effect filters. In that way, users both entertain and contribute to the wide-spreading campaign of the company.
  • Pre-Roll Ads: As soon as a user opens TikTok, your content will appear as a pop-up advertisement. Keep in mind that such a method might result in your alienation in customers’ eyes; thus, try to find something attractive and exciting if you consider taking this path. Creating these ads as native as possible is one of the most used tactics.
  • Promoted HashTag Challenges: HashTag is not something new in social media platforms; however, TikTok is one of the most successful platforms in utilizing its potential. Video submissions in any given hashtag will definitely boost up your reach to potential clients. 
  • 5 ads 


These are four of the most well-known advertisement methods in TikTok. Nevertheless, do not feel that you are restricted within their boundaries. TikTok is a social media platform where your imagination and uniqueness really play a role in shaping your potential subscribers. Do not hesitate to use it to your own advantage; learn how to play this game by its rules, and you will see how successful your advertisement campaign will become in such a short time. For instance, if you prefer a strategy that focuses more on in-person interactions than “soulless advertisement texts,” you should definitely consider cooperating with some of the most well known TikTok influencers.


Get in Touch with TikTok Influencers

When it comes to questions on promoting your product the best without getting lost in complex advertisement networks, working closely with a TikTok influencer proves itself one of the most reasonable and accessible solutions. Many companies have already shifted their advertisement strategies into this more “active and deeper” advertisement. There is no reason for you not to achieve the same success.


It all sounds fine but how to reach these influencers? To do so, first, you need to determine what type of product you would like to promote to which relative age group. After making your mind on that, you can easily search for related influencers with high subscribers and start your advertisement journey. 


You will notice that sometimes it even costs less to work with an influencer rather than using the official form of TikTok ads and that it’s much easier to reach your potential customers through their promotion of your products.


There appears one final yet important point, the TikTok format that you can utilize as a possible advertisement strategy. So fasten your belts and sit tight because now you are about to enter the world of shoppable videos in TikTok!


Shoppable Videos

It is not a secret that TikTok has been popularized as a rapid video distribution platform. However, what made it different from other platforms such as YouTube and Facebook was its ability to provide unique and more interactive videos for younger audiences. TikTok knows the value and importance of this rapid video distribution and came up with an advertisement method: Shoppable Videos.


Shoppable Videos allow influencers and users to attach any URL to their respective videos; hence, enabling them to utilize these videos as a potential form of short advertisement. Nevertheless, keep in mind that such a feature is still in the process of testing; but that’s for sure that it will be quite successful upon final release.


Final Remarks

TikTok has proven that reaching younger audiences has become easier than ever through the rapid distribution of popular videos. If you would like to use such an opportunity to reach your potential clients and customers through such a new network, keep in mind that you will have to adapt to its unique features. It is almost certain that the platform has a bright future on the horizon – do not be late to get your part within it to reach more people and spread your brand’s name to the younger generations, starting today!

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