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Saas marketing strategies

How to Amplify Your SaaS Marketing Strategies

“Competitive” is the word we would answer if someone asked, “how can you describe the SaaS market in one word.” So, marketing strategies become incredibly critical in a highly contested business environment. You can guess that we know because we’re also competing in the same area. That’s why we can guide you to get on top of your competitors.


So, What Do We Mean by SaaS Marketing?

Basics first. SaaS marketing includes ample methods to sell your subscription-based digital products and services to your target customers. Remember that depending on your respective industry, you’ll be steering against industry giants such as Adobe, Microsoft, and Oracle.


Canva, for example, was a small company that offered—and is still offering—more affordable and easy-to-use tools that presented alternatives to Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator. Now, it’s one of the primary brands especially preferred by small businesses, startups, and freelancers. Canva’s free version helps companies and self-employed without or with little budget to create extraordinary cool designs. So their free feature builds customer loyalty; when these businesses or freelancers have the funds to invest in a subscription for more advanced features, they choose Canva. The brand’s free feature gives them an edge in their marketing and is one of the most common SaaS marketing strategies, along with free-trial periods some tools like us, Adsbot, prefer.


Without further ado, let’s see some of the simple but often overlooked strategies in the SaaS market.


Identifying Pain Points of Your Customers

You need to start with identifying your potential customers’ frustrations and convince them that you deliver an authentic solution. For example, there is an abundance of AI-powered writing assistants, such as Grammarly, Language Tool, and Wordtune, but each has a different marketing strategy, even though they solve ‘almost’ the same problem. In particular, while Grammarly argues it offers businesses easy, fast, and more meaningful communication, Language Tool claims it’s the ‘best tool’ for companies producing content in multiple languages. Last but not least, Wordtune suggests it works best with translating content from various languages to English and paraphrasing texts.


It’s possible to use the abovementioned tools interchangeably, but each has a different marketing strategy that responds to different needs. So, you should carefully analyze your competitors’ marketing strategies and ensure that you don’t overlap with theirs, even though there isn’t much distinction with your product.


Investing in Quality and Useful Content

Zapier’s content marketing strategy is an excellent example of driving leads and sales with high-quality and helpful content. The brand manages to get over 5 million sessions per year with in-depth listicles; some don’t even seem relevant with their SaaS solutions. 


The key is for you to construct your content marketing strategy by positioning your brand as a digital publisher. In addition, you should analyze the fat-head, chunky-middle, and long-tail keywords to build an SEO strategy. The rest is monitoring and improving your content. For the last part, Adsbot can help you achieve better results with automation and optimization features with its advanced machine learning algorithms.


Providing Free Versions or Free-trial Periods

As mentioned above in the Canva example, offering limited free versions and allowing your potential customers free-trial periods are two of the most widespread SaaS marketing strategies. For the former, you have to ensure that some of the most fundamental functions of your product should be available to your customers, but the customization options and product-specific features must be behind a paywall, and only paid subscribers can use them. For the latter, you can enable the full version of your product for a limited time. This will authorize potential customers to test your product’s potential and determine its suitability for their businesses.


At Adsbot, we allow our customers to try our product for 14 days without any limitations, then let them decide on a paid subscription to keep using it.


Running Effective PPC Campaigns

Actually, running effective PPC campaigns goes hand in hand with investing in content marketing. Indeed, PPC is an efficient way to attract customers, especially if you’re new to the market and aiming to make revenue as soon as possible. However, this might be costly sometimes. On the other hand, you can take advantage of tools like Adsbot to save money and time by optimizing and automating some processes. Therefore, Adsbot can assist you as an alternative to a digital marketing agency if you’re short on budget. Also, you can use the data you gathered via Adsbot for retargeting (or remarketing), building an SEO strategy, and driving more organic leads even after stopping your PPC campaigns.


Utilizing Multi-platform and Multi-channel Communication

Of course, there are multiple ways to enhance your marketing by utilizing as many platforms and channels as you can. These include but are not limited to the following.


  • Email marketing: Even though email marketing is almost as old as the world wide web has become a part of our daily lives, it’s still one of the most preferred and effective methods.
  • Social media marketing: Attracting users with sponsored posts or driving organic leads with out-of-the-box communication, social media is crucial for SaaS products and services. You can curate content via Twitter threads, engage people with Instagram stories, or provide short educational videos with TikTok. Just be careful to locate where most of your target audience is and balance your strategy accordingly.
  • Collaborations: As a SaaS business, your product must integrate with as many other tools as possible, and this situation opens doors to many collaboration opportunities. You can benefit from your partners’ popularity to spread the word about your product.
  •  Webinars and educational content: Organizing webinars and creating content on learning platforms show you’re knowledgeable in your field and build trust.
  • Engage with your customers and listen to them: Whether on social media or on popular rating platforms like Trustpilot, try to monitor your customers’ feedback and do your best to respond to and solve their issues. You can also gather information for future improvements to your product.


At Adsbot, we can help you achieve your goals in almost every area and significantly increase revenue. You can subscribe today for the 14-day trial or contact us to have a genuine conversation on how we can assist you in your digital marketing journey.v

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