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PPC Automation

You know how overwhelming it is when you need to manage multiple client accounts and try to get the optimum results for each one if you work in a digital advertising agency focusing on PPC ads. As a solution, automating your PPC campaigns is probably the best method to avoid wasting your precious time and—clients’—budget.


PPC automation has been around for a considerable time, and most agencies use it for the following purposes, according to a report by ppcsurvey.com.


  • Responsive Search Ads 
  • Smart bidding by target CPA 
  • The Recommendations tab 
  • Smart bidding by target ROAS 
  • The Insights tab 
  • Responsive Display Ads 
  • Data-driven attribution 
  • Auto-apply recommendations 
  • Google Ads Scripts
  • Smart Shopping 
  • Discovery campaigns 
  • Local campaigns 
  • App campaigns


You could work either for a PPC agency or in the digital marketing department of a brand; you shouldn’t be left behind by the ongoing automation trend. In a time when the PPC industry is transforming more rapidly—it will only accelerate with the developments in machine learning and AI algorithms—you won’t be a good PPC specialist if you refuse to adapt to the changes. You will undoubtedly miss the benefits of PPC automation.


The Benefits of PPC Automation

Among its apparent advantages, such as time-saving and profitability, PPC automation enables you to test more marketing strategies that can accelerate your growth. Eventually, you will eliminate monotonous, repetitive tasks and spend more time optimizing ROI. Here are a few primary reasons to integrate PPC automation into your marketing.


Freedom of failure


You can always explore better, thriving marketing strategies if you have more freedom to fail. Decreasing time spent on mundane tasks allows you to test more, gather more data, and optimize your revenue. Adsbot provides excellent automated reports that help you to improve your marketing strategies.


Room for creativity


Because you are free of routine tasks, you can have more time to work with your creative team to develop better copies and images, put them in A/B tests and find out what works better for your audience.


Taking quick actions


Something’s not right? Take advantage of instant notifications when things aren’t going as they should be. Adsbot informs you about the anomalies in your campaign immediately, so you don’t waste time before your budget gets irreparable damage.


More control over your campaigns


Even though it sounds like you have less control if you automate your PPC campaigns, it’s the contrary. Elimination of time-consuming tasks with almost no value allows you to focus on more important details, such as exploring more keywords, discovering more efficient keyword match types, and more accurate bidding strategies.


Of course, other benefits come with PPC automation, but you should remember one crucial thing: “automation” in PPC automation doesn’t mean “set up and forget!” Keep in mind that you need to monitor your campaigns nonetheless. It’s much easier with the help of a tool that will remind you about irregularities and notify you about the opportunities. You guessed it? You can do it all with Adsbot.


When and How to Start PPC Automation

You could think that you should start PPC automation if you run a large number of accounts and campaigns, which is valid to some extent. But, you can also use it to manage only one account and campaign. Investing in a PPC automation tool may seem a bit expensive for a single account and campaign; however, you can get an enormous return if you do it right. Still, you should make some critical decisions.


Set your goals straight


Are you looking for traffic, leads, or conversions? Each goal will directly impact how you set up your automation. You should be aware that each objective requires a set of unique automation to get the best out of your PPC campaign.


Pick your KPIs carefully

Of course, you have to align your KPIs with your goals. So, if you choose your critical data set wisely, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals and reaching beyond them. But, assuming you’re not pretty sure which data is most relevant to look at, we, at Adsbot, can guide you.


Mind your budget

You can save money with smart and automated bidding strategies, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never overspend. So, it’s always a good idea to set up alarms to warn you in case of overspending. Adsbot will always be your cautious companion, preventing you from burning your money.


So, when is the best time to start PPC automation? Ideally, as soon as possible. You can always reach out to us, and we can discuss how you should proceed. Who knows, maybe it will be the start of our long-lasting journey.

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