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If you’re in eCommerce, you already know that conversion is among the top KPIs to measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns. In addition, you should spend a reasonable amount to turn your visitors into customers, which means you must have a low CPA as possible. However, it’s not easy to achieve that goal. Without spending enough time carefully analyzing numbers and tweaking your campaign parameters, you can only hope your ads succeed. But, you can save time and money with the help of a few tools that will ease your burden while optimizing and automating redundant tasks such as creating reports, managing bidding strategies, and analyzing customer behavior.


Achieving a healthy and sustainable conversion policy is critical to obtaining a practical level in any optimization approach. This article will explore some of the most powerful tools in eCommerce conversion to further help you secure a successful marketing strategy. To provide a broader perspective, it is better to evaluate the existing tools by segmenting them among different but interacting categories such as web analytics, user behavior analytics, and CRO tools.


Web Analytics Tools

An interesting research finds out the most common web analytics tools, which include—but are not limited to—the solutions developed by some of the most famous internet companies, such as Google, Adobe, and Yandex.


Google Analytics 360

A sophisticated analytics platform for businesses, Google Analytics 360, offers reports on ROI analysis and other in-depth performance metrics. Insights regarding user interactions with websites and apps help you determine what can be useful in your sales page content. Simplified overviews and reports are displayed on the platform’s primary dashboard, and it integrates with other platforms, such as POS and CRM systems, to give comprehensive overviews of customer activity.


Adobe Analytics

Using various techniques such as web analytics, marketing analytics, attribution, predictive analytics, multi-channel data collecting, and more, Adobe Analytics is a marketing attribution software that helps companies of all sizes analyze and understand the effect of their customer interactions. Users may track and analyze data streams to produce meaningful, real-time insight with Adobe Analytics technology.


Mixpanel uses data to assist businesses in measuring what counts, making choices quickly, and creating better products. Teams can simply examine how and why consumers interact, convert, and retain—in real-time, across devices—with the help of robust, self-serve product analytics solutions to optimize their user experience.



Amplitude is an online and mobile analytics tool that attempts to make user data from the “behavioral layer,” which sits between dashboards and raw data, accessible. Amplitude allows consumers to zoom in on specific data points to see the behavioral information, people, and activities hidden behind each point on a chart.


Yandex Metrica   

Yandex Metrica is a free online analytics service that measures and reports website traffic. The third-most utilized web analytics solution online as of 2019 is Yandex Metrica. It uses a specific JavaScript element that a webmaster places on their website, which gathers data on the audience, traffic, and user behavior.


User Behaviour Tools

Software platforms known as behavior analytics solutions gather and analyze user data to better understand how users engage with your resources, such as your website, goods, downloadable materials, landing pages, etc. The ultimate goal of behavior analytics tools is to decrease friction, enhance user retention, boost conversions, and promote overall product adoption. To do this, you must examine users’ experience with your online assets and work to make it more straightforward.


FullStory is a digital intelligence platform that aids top-tier SaaS and eCommerce businesses in understanding and enhancing their digital experiences. Customers can increase income by utilizing FullStory’s analytics, dynamic conversion funnels, extensive search features, replays that seem like videos of actual user experiences, and robust debugging and development tools.



It’s simple to move beyond conventional web analytics and comprehend what users are actually doing on your site using Hotjar’s behavior analytics software. For example, a client can rate and comment on certain pages. Then, after collecting adequate data to understand their experience, you can discover ways to improve it.

Crazy Egg

Designed primarily for marketers, Crazy Egg is an analytics software. If you’re in a product team that wants to analyze user behavior and gain practical insights into what to alter to enhance conversions, Crazy Egg is one of the best solutions out there. Crazy Egg’s functions, such as heatmaps, recordings, and surveys, help you gather valuable info on your customers’ behavior. As a result, you might have more effective landing pages which drive more sales.



Heap is a behavioral data platform over 8,000 product teams use to track user insights, construct memorable digital experiences, and determine what to produce, when to build it, and how much money to spend on it. Heap enables digital experience owners to rapidly identify blind spots in multi-step digital journeys where consumers get stuck or give up so that product and marketing teams may focus on the areas that will have the most noticeable positive effects on the website or digital product.



Pendo is an online rental property management solution for landlords who own one or dozens of assets. With tools for building online rental application forms and digital lease agreements, monitoring income, vacancies, past-due rent payments, expired rental leases, and more, the program has been created to simplify the time-consuming, repetitive processes of property administration. Pendo’s numerous features may either make it a perfect match, seem a little cumbersome, or even get in the way, depending on the size of your team and where you are developing your product.


CRO Tools

CRO tools gather information about a website’s users and visitors to assist site owners in understanding how their sites are used and identify and test potential modifications to boost conversions. Comprehending visitor behavior on a particular website is a critical component of CRO technologies.


KissMetrics was established on the tenet that data is more than simply a collection of figures you throw on a graph and show your employer. Each number stands for a user, a client, or a major activity that helps your organization expand and supports your north star metric. The software’s automatic reporting capability allows users to get valuable insights into consumer behavior. It is well-liked by online merchants and may be used to monitor activities throughout the whole eCommerce funnel. Additionally, there are pre-built interfaces with well-known eCommerce systems, including WooCommerce and Shopify.



Woopra provides a technique to more thoroughly comprehend how your customers behave across various platforms and points of contact, such as email, live chat, the support desk, your website, and mobile apps. By synchronizing information from many sources, continually monitoring behavior on the web and mobile devices, and automatically updating profiles in real time, Woopra leverages this data to create thorough profiles for each user. Additionally, if user behavior changes, the software dynamically updates consumer groups.



Decibel supports site optimization by monitoring, documenting, and aesthetically showing precisely how users interact with your digital resources. The only purpose of Decibel’s analytics platform is to calculate this measure for your business and offer practical applications. Enterprise brands worldwide, such as Tesco and Lego, rely on its technology because it helps them better understand their consumers’ experiences.


Contentsquare (Former “Clicktale”)

Contentsquare—previously ClickTale—is a tool for online user interaction that assists in analyzing, comprehending, and improving how visitors engage with your website. The app has various capabilities that, when used together, provide a better insight into how your consumers behave when they are on your website. These functions include session replays, a variety of heat maps, a conversion funnel, form analytics, and several tools for improving the website’s functionality. For instance, Contentsquare’s session playback records every browser session, allowing you to see how people explore your site and which items they engage with most frequently.



Quantcast provides various analytics and data mining tools to help you better understand how your viewers behave across platforms and devices, including web and mobile. The software has two components: Quantcast Measure and Quantcast Advertise. Quantcast Measure delivers entire audience demographic and geographic profiles for your websites and mobile applications, as well as those of your competitors, and it is free to use. Quantcast Advertise is available for a fee. It is a premium service that leverages Quantcast Measure data to anticipate consumer pathways and trips.

Where Does Adsbot Stand Among Conversion Tools?

You can use a few of the abovementioned tools for various purposes. Like, some web analytics tools are also efficient in CRO testing or monitoring user behavior. However, Adsbot’s flexibility allows you to bend it to your will—in a digital marketing case, to your marketing strategy. In addition, you can combine different functionalities. For example, Adsbot’s flawless integration with Google Search Console helps you get instant web analytics data, which you can use to set rules, create automated reports, and make necessary adjustments to your Google Ads campaigns. Alternatively, you can utilize Adsbot to monitor your stock to prevent stock-out issues, which may painfully damage the ROI. 

If you’re in eCommerce and looking for a budget-friendly conversion tool, Adsbot might solve your problems. So, let’s contact us today for a demo or start your 14-day trial period to explore Adsbot’s opportunities.


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