What Are Expanded Text Ads?

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Expanded Text Ads

Text advertisements play a crucial role in the digital advertising market by enticing potential clients. To provide businesses additional area to describe their products, Google created ETAs (expanded text advertisements). To give you an idea of how effective expanded text advertising can be, this piece will describe what they are, how they seem, what they can achieve, and why you should use them. Get going immediately!


What are Expanded Text Ads?

Google realized that companies needed more space to convey their messages to potential customers, thus the company launched enlarged text advertisements. Expanded text advertising provide more room for creativity in ad creation than its more limited predecessors, text ads.


What do Google’s Expanded Text Ads Look Like?

Google’s enhanced text advertising now contain three crucial features:

  • ETAs may have two headlines, each no longer than 30 characters. The headlines appear side by side on desktop and mobile devices, separated by a vertical pipe (|).
  • There’s a limit of 90 characters for the description section. Marketers now have the option of providing more detailed descriptions of their wares.
  • Provide Link: A display URL is included with ETAs; you can change it so that it points to your website. Next to your ad, a domain will appear that is automatically derived from the most recent URL you provide.


Features of Expanded Text Ads

There are several advantages to using expanded text advertising for marketing purposes. Because of their greater size and two headers, expanded text advertising are more noticeable on the search engine results page (SERP). Headlines and summaries can now contain more text. Because of this, advertisers can now share more relevant content with their target audiences. Ads with more text will appear excellent on any screen size thanks to the adaptable design employed. The end effect is a fluid transition between desktop and mobile use.


Why Use Expanded Text Ads?

Marketers should think about including long-form text advertising into their campaigns for a variety of reasons.

  • Larger text advertising provide more room to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of potential customers.
  • With additional space, firms may be able to more effectively showcase their USPs (unique selling propositions) and provide an interesting message to prospective clients.
  • Using extended text advertisements, which often result in greater click-through rates (CTRs), can enhance results and raise ROI.


Examples of Expanded Text Ads

Here are a few samples we have created for you. With them, we think you can understand expanded ads better:


Example 1:

Shop the Newest Collection

Headline 2: Today Only, 20% Off

Discover the ideal stylish items for any situation. Time-limited promotion!

Display URL: www.examplestore.com


Example 2:

Book Your Dream Vacation

Headline 2: Visit Unusual Locations

Discover stunning sites and make priceless memories.

Display URL: www.travelagency.com




How many characters may an ETA be?

You can only use 30 characters for the headline and 90 for the description in expanded text ads. Automatically depending on the destination URL, the display URL is created.


Do all gadgets support ETAs?

Ads with more text are responsive and may be viewed on desktop computers, mobile devices, and other devices.


Can you still utilize advertising with a larger font size?

Your Google advertising campaigns may still make advantage of long-form text advertising. Despite Google’s launch of new ad formats like responsive search advertising, expanded text ads continue to do well for marketers. As they provide you more area for marketing and customization, they are an invaluable tool in your advertising arsenal. Keep in mind that Google suggests combining different types of ads to increase performance and reach.

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