Everything You Need to Know About If You’re New to Web Push Notifications

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Recent developments in information technologies made it possible for humanity to be kept on updated on the constant changes. Following the adaptation of a life standard around personal computers, the last few decades transformed mobile phones from being basic tools of communication to a simplified way of reaching information. A certain new technology, known as “Web Push Notifications,” emerged as a means corresponding to this specific need of being updated on the constant changes around human life within the framework of personal computers and mobile phones. To understand the main advantages and purposes of such a technology, it is better to aim for providing an in-depth description.


A Brief Definition of Web Push Notifications

Due to its complex nature, it is possible to provide several interesting definitions for this new technology; however, the best way to summarize raises within the core functions of it: contextual, timely, personalized, and engageable messages comes from a certain website to the user’s device through a browser service.


That being said, the restrictions on such messages also constitutes another significant perspective. These messages should be personalized, informative, and engageable; nevertheless, they should not attempt to acquire the personal information of the user, including the real name and email address.


Functionally speaking, Web Push Notifications facilitate the work of publishers, social media platforms, and any other form of application that might require interactive communication with user groups. Web Push Notifications possess several certain advantages over some of the other alternative technologies, which is fundamental to discuss to reach a complete understanding of its functioning.


Key Advantages of Web Push Notifications

Since its first-ever establishment as a brand-new technology, Web Push Notifications provide several critical advantages because of their very own structure.


  • Reaching Clients – Regardless of Timing
  • Simplified User Experience
  • Constant and Swift Delivery
  • Better Rates of Conversion


To understand this technology, it’s better to evaluate each of these respective key advantages of using web push notifications for your businesses.


Reaching Your Clients – Regardless of Timing

Globalization made it necessary to be always in contact with your customers, regardless of their location and timezone. If you consider how it could be possible to come up with a way to notify your customer, who lives thousands of kilometers away in a country with a different timezone, you might understand how hard it’s to find a possible and appropriate way of accomplishing this. On this exact ground, Web Push Notifications establish their fundamental ground of operating, by providing a way of reaching their customers or acquaintances for any company and people around the globe.


Simplified User Experience

Web Push Notifications enable companies and platforms to interact with their customers by providing a basic and understandable user interface, which has no interest in obtaining any type of personal data. This perspective constitutes an undeniable aspect of Web Push Notifications and makes them fundamental in modern-day marketing projects.


Constant and Swift Delivery

In addition to these two main advantages, the prospects of Web Push Notifications that make such a technology able to provide an instant and constant transmission to users is another significant point.


Better Rates of Conversion

Because of providing such an opportunity of having interactive communication between the sender and receiver, Web Push Notifications have great potential in terms of boosting marketing conversion rates. Regardless of visiting a specified website, from which such a push notification comes, the dedicated message for the receiver is always visible on the browser of the receiver.


Web Push Notifications offer a great scale of advantages for both senders and receivers. Nevertheless, another significant topic that needs further discussion is explaining the possible users for such a new technology.


Potential Benefits of Web Push Notifications 

The scale of potential benefits from such technology is quite wide. Not only social media platforms of news sources but also a great variety of sectors that utilize marketing opportunities might enjoy the benefits of web push notifications. Fields including travelling, finance, insurance, education, food delivery, and dedicated blog pages are just a few examples of such possibilities. 


Web Push Notifications provide an opportunity for all of these potential senders to transmit their important messages and any type of possible advertisement to their customers. Even while your customer might be enjoying a YouTube video or working on important Google Documents, your message can reach its target precisely. This opportunity, in a time of keeping constant communication is one of the most important issues, makes such technology very promising for a great scale of potential benefits.


These being described, the topic of how to initiate the use of such a technology deserves dedicated attention.


Initiating Web Push Notifications

The potential is wide, but more importantly, how to achieve this potential is far away from being hard. Just through these five easy steps, everyone can start their journey on the utilization of web push notifications.


  1. Determining which web push provider service to work with.
  2. Optimizing and adapting the website for the requirements of such a technology.
  3. Attract potential users and customers/receivers.
  4. Segmentalize users.
  5. Sending the message through web push notifications.


Any business can find potential ways of benefiting from the opportunities Web Push Notifications offer. Using such technology even as a form of having constant communication with potential customers is such a big opportunity, through which both customer and business can benefit. Web Push Notifications save businesses from the requirements of developing a full dedicated mobile application by providing an easily manageable marketing tool.


There exists a great variety of Web Push Notifications types, which businesses might make use of. The list is expandable; however, it’s still possible to categorize several major types as following:


  • Segmented Web Push Notifications
  • Recurring Web Push Notifications
  • Card Abandonment Web Push Notifications
  • Personalized Product Suggestive Web Push Notifications
  • Price Drop Web Push Notifications
  • Stock Web Push Notifications
  • Conversion Web Push Notifications
  • Bulk Web Push Notifications
  • Web Push Apis


Each of these has its respective dedicated fields of use and possible advantages. According to the needs of customers and businesses, each of these specific types of web push notifications can be usable.


Web Push Notification Services to Choose From

You can use several Web Push Notifications depending on your budget, customer base, marketing goals, and infrastructure of your website among other factors. You can look into detail and choose one of the following services.


  • Frizbit
  • OneSignal
  • Leanplum
  • Pushbots
  • VWO (former PushCrew)
  • PushAlert
  • Push Notifications for WordPress
  • PushEngage
  • iZooto
  • PushAssist
  • WonderPush




Frizbit is probably the best choice if your need is more than just sending bulk notifications. Their product specializes in e-commerce & travel industries and allows to create user journeys and send hyper-personalised & automated web push notifications based on user behaviour, such as cart abandonment or product retargeting. They offer a one month free trial and then it starts from 99$/month for unlimited subscribers.



OneSignal is probably the most popular Web Push Notification service, and it’s one of the first services in the market. OneSignal’s free plan supports up to 10,000 users but lacks some features. Still, unlocking those features are cost-efficient if you consider the benefits.



Even though it’s a couple of years older than OneSignal, Leanplum doesn’t have the popularity it deserves. Its industry-specific solutions, especially for gaming, are Leanplum’s unique selling point.



The free version of Pushbots doesn’t support as many users as OneSignal, but you can free access to most of its features.



Formerly known as PushCrew, VWO promises a faster set-up process than its competitors. Also, its customizable pricing policy is another distinguishing feature.



You can use PushAlert’s free plan for up to 3,000 users and send infinite notifications. The catch is, you will have limited access to its advanced feature. But, it’s a nice option if you don’t have large customer/visitor numbers yet. Also, its pricing is considerable.


Push Notifications Plug-ins for WordPress

You can use some Web Push Notification services specifically built for WordPress websites if you don’t want to set up one of the other services.



PushEngage is used by diverse companies, such as Domino’s and Harward Business Review. You can consider using PushEngage if you run an eCommerce website or sell services or goods online in general.



iZooto is especially recommended for news and media websites. If you aim for reader loyalty, iZooto might be the Web Push Notification service you’re looking for.



Advanced analytics of PushAssist can assist you if you’re primarily aiming for more returning visitors to your website.



WonderPush doesn’t have a free plan, but its pricing options are among the most affordable in the market.


The Essence of the Matter…

Web Push Notifications is a great technology, which provides a great variety of opportunities and advantages for many different sectors. Because of offering a personalized, but not disturbing, and interactive means of transmitting the messages to potential receivers, it facilitates the marketing initiatives. Furthermore, by providing such an opportunity to different businesses, it eradicates the need of developing a fully dedicated and time-consuming mobile application.

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