Best Growth Hacking Tools to Accelerate Your Business Expansion

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Best Growth Hacking Tools

When it comes to hacking, your tools are as vital as your skills in the job, and growth hacking is not an exception. Although the concept has implications in the marketing strategies rather than the dark corners of cyber hacking, the software will also play a fundamental role in determining the overall efficiency of your operations. Keep reading our article if you need an informative list of the most popular and efficient growth hacking tools. While describing each of them, we will also discuss their respective pros and cons, which hopefully will help you pick the alternative that fits your needs the most.



Whatever is your industry, Adsbot can help you strengthen your digital presence, increase your revenue, and eliminate most of the monotonous and time-consuming work by optimization and automation. So you can focus on what really matters to grow your business.


Pros of Adsbot

  • Perfect Integration with Google Platforms: Seamless integration with crucial tools such as Google Ads, Google Search Console, and Google Page Speed Insights enables you to monitor your campaigns, get notifications if something’s wrong, and automate reports. As a result, you have the advantage of taking more precise and timely decisions to improve your ads, website, and SEO in general.
  • Rules: You can add rules to your account that can automate specific actions and optimize your desired output regarding your growth strategy, whether it be brand awareness, more conversions, or providing better user experience.
  • Quick Insights: With the “Quick Insights” feature you can have a glimpse at your account for an instant health check, get optimization recommendations, and optimize your budget.
  • 14-day Trial Period: You can start using Adsbot immediately without wasting time to enter your card details and test results in 14 days.
  • Custom Features: In the Pro Plan, we tailor custom features according to your business needs and goals.


Con of Adsbot

  • Lack of Integrations: For now, Adsbot has limited integrations, but we are working on adding more platforms to the list.



For B2B marketers who often use LinkedIn, Expandi is maybe the best growth hacking tool. You have the option to systematize your LinkedIn campaign using Expandi. Based on the traits of your ideal client, you may simply detect profiles, invite individuals, or send messages.


Pros of Expandi

  • Broad Integrations: The first and most noticeable advantage of Expandi is the wide range of platforms it allows to be utilized. 
  • Personalization: Moreover, Expandi’s image and gif personalisation feature makes the whole process more entertaining and comfortable.


Cons of Expandi

  • Limitations by LinkedIn: LinkedIn considers the tool illegitimate; you should avoid using it. Because of that, there is a major issue of security. 
  • Efficiency: Some allegations that Expandi shares the same server with some low-ranked websites can constitute an efficiency problem.



You may better comprehend others with the assistance of CrystalKnows. Crystal provides information on a character’s personality and suggestions for getting along with them based on their social media profile. For example, does this person have a preference for numbers or feelings? Does this individual like to speak in a professional or casual timbre in your emails? Convenient and mostly free tool!


Pros of CrystalKnows

  • Higher Conversion: Make every deal’s advocates, decision-makers, and important stakeholders a priority in your strategy.
  • Effective Coaching: Establish trust with DISC, discover group blind spots, and give each agent a unique strategy for excellence.
  • Better Hires: Find the best candidates based on the ideal strengths and capabilities.


Cons of CrystalKnows

  • Complex Parameters: Consumers reported that understanding how some parameters work takes quite a time.
  • Security Issues: This also applies here due to LinkedIn’s overall approach.
  • Limited Amount of Free Searches: The small number of searches the platform allows you free of charge can be challenging to satisfy.



Each growth marketer should have Zapier. Zapier is a program that links more than 1,000 marketing products with one another to produce effective automation.


Pros of Zapier

  • Wide Array of Pre-built Features: The service allows you to benefit from many pre-built options.
  • Comfortable Integrations: Thanks to Zapier, you can configure your applications and services.
  • Breaking Down Data Silos: Customers believe the service makes filtering and continuing data processing much more manageable.


Cons of Zapier

  • Size: Small startups can benefit less compared to their larger counterparts due to the initial design of the platform to respond to the needs of more complex businesses.
  • Technical Process: Like any other platform, the issue of managing technical aspects is not a child’s play in Zapier.



Landbot allows you the opportunity to rapidly and quickly develop your own chatbot. Chatbots were the biggest trend in 2018. Excellent to show your employer and coworkers, and it works wonders as a FAQ bot or in rather than a dull feedback form.


Pros of Landbot

  • Your Imagination is the Only Limit: If you have a concept, you can probably put it into practice, and the support staff will do everything they can to help you realize your goals.
  • Easy to Use: Many customers said their platform experiences were almost flawless.
  • Many Functions: The platform offers many distinguished functions for any needs of your group.


Cons of Landbot

  • Price: It is possible to argue that Landbot is pricier than the alternatives in the market.
  • Multi-Language: There is great room for including different languages in the system.
  • Timing Control: It is visible that Landbot should provide a more timely manageable interference.



Arguably among the best SEO software for business owners and marketers, GrowthBar assists internet-enabled enterprises, such as blogs, e-commerce companies, and startups, in locating important information and suggestions. Bloggers will also benefit from the fact that you may create content that will rank for SEO in only a single click.


Pros of GrowthBar

  • Powerful Site Inspector: It allows you to track different aspects of your website.
  • Remarkable AI Content Generator: No one can argue against the necessity of using an AI-powered content assistant.
  • Strong Chrome Extension: It is possible to synchronize your browser with the powerful features of GrowthBar.


Cons of GrowthBar

  • Customer Support Problems: Some customers ask for faster responses.
  • Pricy for Small Business: Small businesses can struggle to cover the service’s price tag.
  • Hard to Make Some Changes Later On: For instance, changing your payment method through a new credit card can be challenging.



Hotjar is a heat mapping tool. Through heatmaps and videos of visitors to your website in action, Hotjar offers valuable insights into your clients’ activity.


Pros of Hotjar

  • The Ability to Create Heatmaps: Hotjar provides a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs who seek to utilize these services more for their respective businesses.
  • Quality Recordings: You can monitor people’s overall experience on your website.
  • 14-Day Free-Trial for Business Plan: The platform allows you to try some of the most striking features of its more premium packages.


Cons of Hotjar

  • Time Limit: You can only see the heatmaps of the last 30 days.
  • Incomplete Tracking: This type of monitoring software is constrained in its ability to record every session. But that’s not just a Hotjar problem. The privacy laws are to blame.
  • Systematic Flaws: Nothing big here, but having to log in each time system forgets that you have already logged in can really play with your nerves from time to time.



Get feedback on new UX and UI designs from your coworkers by using UsabilityHub. Using 5-second assessments or preference polls, you can create quick quizzes perfect for gauging how user-friendly your current or future designs appear.


Pros of UsabilityHub

  • Remarkable Tools: The survey setup process was quick, and the quality of the feedback was excellent.
  • Easy and Straightforward Tests: It is also fantastic that you can distribute these tests to other testing teams.
  • Trackable Reviewing: Additionally, it is enjoyable to use and makes you join the contribution process for improving companies.


Cons of UsabilityHub

  • Unexplained Reviews: You might sometimes do something well that makes sense, but you might get evaluated poorly for it, and you might not get an explanation of why you could have made a mistake.
  • Not Frequent: It doesn’t work frequently, and if you don’t participate immediately, you will miss out on the opportunities.
  • Complicated Instructions: The test participants sometimes receive vague instructions, especially when they must interact with graphics. You can tend to provide directions to augment what’s on the screen.



A cloud-based solution called Leadfeeder uses Google Analytics analysis to detect website visitors and create sales leads from them. The solution is appropriate for B2B enterprises of all sizes, and the cost is determined by how many different businesses visit the website.


Pros of LeadFeeder

  • Qualified Customer Service: As many customers pointed out, the platform offers competent and helpful customer service.
  • Tracking Real Leads: A really intriguing solution for tracking real prospects that come to your website is Leadfeeder. They try to include as much contact data and visit details as possible, which help take action.
  • Powerful Tool: The company is exceptionally responsive regarding setup, and the tool is strong.


Cons of LeadFeeder

  • Missing Information: The company’s information may occasionally be incomplete or inconsistent with what you can see on LinkedIn, such as the number of workers.
  • Hard Process: It will always be tough and time-consuming to obtain quality sales leads since you have to constantly call individuals without knowing whether or not they are intrigued by your offer.
  • Pricing: When you have several domains under a single corporation, pricing becomes a little more complicated. Additionally, Leadfeeder underwent adjustments due to this shift in Google Analytics’ privacy statement.


Concluding Remarks

We covered most loved growth hacking tools in this article that offer business owners unique advantages. Still, you should be aware that there are still a lot of other widely used tools out there which might be more aligned with your goals. However, you shouldn’t be concerned about this. Adsbot will continue to be by your side as you work to enhance your company’s capabilities, assisting you in learning more about the various market possibilities.

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