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You need to keep your marketing data in order when scaling your business. You should create dashboards and visualizations and filter historical sales information for future reference, among other tasks during upscaling. So, you will need a tool like Supermetrics.


Supermetrics integrates marketing metrics with the places where customers currently save their data, whether it’s a reporting app, a spreadsheet, a data lake, or a data warehouse. However, Supermetrics has some significant flaws. For example, it is expensive, has slow processing with large data sets, and does not provide a built-in reporting system. Without a doubt, this list can be extended. So stay with us. Because we ensure you will like this post if you are among the people searching for an affordable and effective alternative for Supermetrics. Now, buckle up, and let’s look at some of the most popular and budget-friendly options for Supermetrics.



Adsbot is AI-powered Digital Marketing Automation and Optimization platform.

Adsbot has connections to:

  • Google Ads
  • Amazon Ads
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Page Speed API
  • Facebook ( coming in q1 2023)
  • GA4 ( coming in q1 2023)

Easily connect your accounts in 30 secs, without any coding skills required and it has prebuilt:

  • Dashboard
  • Custom reports
  • Predefines rules.

It has 14 days free trial and is one of the most affordable.



Apipheny is an add-on for Google Sheets that may be used instead of or in conjunction with Supermetrics for Google Sheets. Apipheny streamlines the integration of any JSON or CSV API with Google Sheets. If you often have to manually enter data into Google Sheets by copying and pasting from another source, you should know that this may be automated by establishing an API connection between your data source and Google Sheets. 


While the sixty-plus data source connections provided by Supermetrics are outstanding and sufficient for most enterprises, it leaves room for improvement; certain users may want more options. Unfortunately, Supermetrics does not support integration with data sources that are not widely used. However, Apipheny addresses this issue by enabling connections to any available API, vastly expanding the number of possible data sources from the current 60 to almost unlimited. In addition, you can send data over (via POST request) and automate the process (via GET request) from your data source.


Analytics Edge

For many, Excel’s better functionality and performance have made it the go-to spreadsheet application. Analytics Edge is made for you if you fall into that category. It’s an Excel add-on with a variety of marketing platform integrations.


Being a one-of-a-kind add-on for Microsoft Excel has its advantages, but the free version has severe restrictions. In the same vein as similar products, it solely provides a free connection to Google Analytics. You may get the other available integrations by paying separately for each. Consequently, while it does enable many accounts from various sources, you may be looking at a monthly fee of $60 or more, depending on how many connections you need.



Klipfolio is a business dashboard and analytics software that makes tracking, exploring, and sharing your metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) easy. Even though it’s not an app connection like the others on this list, it’s nonetheless a formidable rival. Even if you’re simply going to utilize Google Sheets for reporting and data visualization, Klipfolio can improve your efficiency. 


While Klipfolio’s flexibility is unparalleled, it does come with a flat learning curve, particularly for those who aren’t proficient in Excel or Google Sheets. On the other hand, if you have experience with either, it is a potent instrument for graphical data representation. If you work in an agency, constantly creating reports for clients, Klipfolio is a great tool. Klipfolio has a free 14-day trial and a $49 monthly starting price for individual use.


Ad Stage

Ad Stage is a platform-agnostic piece of PPC management and optimization software that provides insights into and control over your paid advertising data. The data may be imported directly into Google Sheets using either the standalone program or the Google Sheets add-on. 


With their focus on the sponsored promotion, they naturally provide a tool that allows you to monitor and analyze your campaigns according to predetermined parameters. If your company’s (or your client’s) marketing strategy mainly involves pay-per-click (PPC), then you should examine this marketing analytics software seriously. Social media journalism is where they shine brightest. Therefore, this tool may interest those who simply handle search and paid social ad management. 


Ad Stage’s API connection is currently only compatible with the largest ad networks like Facebook and Google Ads. However, they provide a free trial for 30 days, following which their packages start at.



Unlike Supermetrics, Improvado can handle the entire data pipeline because it is an ETL solution (extract, transformation, and load). Over 300 data sources are mined for information, including Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, TikTok Ads, MailChimp, Twitter, and YouTube. After running data mapping, Improvado employs cutting-edge automated transformations to unify measurements and eliminate mistakes and duplication in the underlying data. 


Supermetrics’ cutting-edge data transformation functionality stands out more than Improvado’s basic offering. Improvado’s Marketing Common Data Model (MCDM) is an enterprise-grade transformation engine that enables companies to automatically standardize metrics across all channels and conduct automated data mapping and transformations with self-service or out-of-the-box recipes. The platform also allows customers to control the timing of data extraction, allowing them to schedule reporting updates and sync data at their convenience. Advertising, marketing attribution, analytics tools, payments, data providers, and marketing automation are among over 300 data sources supported by Improvado.


Improvado’s price is always tailored individually and can only be accessed through a sales conversation. Even though this is standard procedure for large corporations, it may raise a red flag for small businesses. is an automated data-collecting service that works like Supermetrics by ingesting marketing data from over 500 sources, applying transformations, and then pushing the data to a visualization platform, analytics tool, or data warehouse. stands out from the crowd because of its extensive data transformation tools and managed data warehouse services for client data storage. 


Currency conversion, custom dimensions, and metrics to establish criteria for merging data from various sources are just some of the data transformation features available in The platform also has timed functions for importing and exporting data to a warehouse repeatedly. Of course, the pricing strategy you employ determines how often you import and export.


Both and Supermetrics offer similar features. However, provides a more transparent price structure than Supermetrics. While this isn’t always the case, they calculate their fees on the amount you spend on advertising. 


Every plan has access to all of the platform’s capabilities. However, your payments depend entirely on how much you spend on advertisements. For up to €100,000 monthly expense, you’ll pay €499. On the other hand, for up to €300,000 monthly spending, you’ll pay €799/mo. Lastly, for up to €600,000 monthly expenditure, the price is €999 per month.



Adverity lists marketing agencies, e-commerce, technology, consumer packaged goods and retail, telecommunications, media, and entertainment as just some of the many sectors it serves on its website. Adverity’s features and capabilities make it a good fit for large companies with in-house Python developers and data analysts. But, it’s also a good option for small businesses whose marketing teams lack technical expertise but still need to run a modest number of tasks on a basic plan using limited data sources. In addition, python knowledge is a requirement for applying complex modifications using bespoke programming.


Adverity’s over 600 data connections make it the most comprehensive tool on our list. However, despite many data sources, Adverity’s data is not remarkably detailed. Unfortunately, the tool only supports a limited number of indicators and dimensions compared to its rivals, which may hinder you from in-depth analysis of the channel’s performance or force you to manually extract data.

In addition to being an ETL tool, has many other valuable features. For example, it’s capable of attribution modeling. When you combine your marketing data, you can give credit where it’s due for bringing in conversions across all of your various channels. In Google Analytics, you may have already employed a rudimentary kind of attribution modeling. While Google Analytics is helpful most of the time, it gets increasingly challenging to attribute success as the number of channels and the volume of data increase. 


The prices in Windsor are consistently low and competitive. It features an open application programming interface (API) and provides access to abundant data sources. Every package includes the capacity for multi-touch attribution and ad optimization. Reporting dates are what charges for. For an extra $499 a month, you can upgrade to the Enterprise subscription and gain access to the infinite date range. The range of coverage for a professional plan is sixty days, while the range for a basic plan is thirty days. To top it all off, provides a free plan that includes ETL capabilities and a 30-day free trial.



There are other songs on this list, but Rockerbox is unique. As such, Rockerbox serves as an attribution modeling platform for large businesses. Contrary to expectations, this is not an ETL system. However, it is a good fit if you are trying to address an issue that attribution can tackle more effectively than ETL, such as increasing your return on ad spend. Supermetrics is a good choice if you create charts and graphs to display your data. On the other hand, attribution modeling is the way to go if you want to maximize your marketing’s return on investment (ROI). If you’re looking to increase your ROI, have many sales channels or a large volume, and can afford the solution, Rockerbox might be a feasible alternative. 


Rockerbox doesn’t publish its prices publicly; to acquire a quote for a tailored plan, you’ll need to get in touch with the company.



Stitch is a powerful ETL tool since it can be easily customized and is safe from outside interference. With their open-source code, you may use them with any tool, not only the ones they support. They also guarantee HIPAA and GDPR compliance. Making a decision might be crucial for businesses, particularly in the health industry. 


Stitch costs scale linearly with the number of rows in your data set. For example, the free plan allows you up to 5 million rows of data each month. “Free” data sources in the free tier are restricted to use by bots only. Monthly fees begin at $100 for databases with more than 5 million rows and go to $1,250 for 300 million. 


Notably, the default design allows only ten data inputs and one output. If you need more features, you can always upgrade to an Enterprise plan by getting in touch with sales.


So… In a Nutshell

This article looked at some of the most well-liked and affordable alternatives to Supermetrics, offering company owners a compelling reason to learn more about these services. Solutions for integrating data are plentiful. Of course, there are more than ten alternatives to Supermetrics, each of which has value and might be a hidden treasure in some circumstances. Some tools cost extra due to the integrations they require, while others charge more based on the volume of data transferred. If you’re interested in attribution modeling, you can find it in some tools. In the end, your business’s specific needs define your expectations from a tool and how much the tool can meet them.

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