Adsbot Product Update – January 24

Adsbot Growth Team
Product Update

We’re back with more updates.

These updates are live right now. Let us know what you think.


Freemium Plan Added

You can use Adsbot for free for 1 account and pre-built dashboard functions. All you need to do is to login to the platform and select a freemium plan.


New Connection Alert: Meta

Good news. You can Meta metrics by connection your account/accounts.


You can track:

  • Key metrics
  • Campaign, ads set and ads’ data
  • Platform data

Our vision is to unify all marketing channels in a single dashboard and benefit all attributions that bring value to your business. You need to connect your Meta account via the account center.


Deeper Insight For Google Ads.

Google Ads’ reports are grouped as monitor and analysis.

New reports are added on analysis tab where you can analyse:

  • Campaign types
  • Device and network data
  • Campaign and network data

Deeper Insight For GA4

Engagement and Monetization data are added to GA4 reports.

You can track data related to these metrics below.

  • Event
  • Conversion
  • Purchase


New Rule Alert

Added 2 rules.

  • CTR decrease rules

Checks CTR Decrease for today compared to previous week. By default it is %10, you can customize it in the settings section in via rules’ detail page

  • GSC Compare 

Compares landing page data for Organic search and Google Ads data. You can get ideas which page to focus on by analyzing traffic data.


Email delivery option added

Addedemail delivery option to the rules that detects decrease. By default it is disabled; you can enable it through settings in the rules’ detail page.


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