Adzooma VS ADSBOT Comparison

Adzooma and Adsbot believe digital advertising can be easier and more effective through automation. Adsbot focuses on optimizations that offer greater control and flexibility to automate more of your custom workflow.

What is Adzooma?

Adzooma is a platform designed to streamline and optimize online advertising campaigns. It offers tools and features to simplify tasks such as automated ad management, optimization, and reporting for various advertising platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Advertising. Adzooma aims to assist digital marketers and advertisers in improving the performance of their campaigns by providing a centralized hub for managing and analyzing advertising efforts across different channels. 

What is Adsbot?

  • Adsbot is a digital marketing optimization platform that makes advertisers’ lives easier; by controlling their accounts 24/7 and reducing their workload.


  • Adsbot requires no coding knowledge for the best use of digital marketers. With predefined and customizable rules, it enables the alerts and notifications to work without any manual setting.

Maximize Your PPC Results

Adsbot provides a comprehensive suite of tools to automate, optimize, and scale your campaigns, giving you more time to focus on what really matters.

Track your competitors ads'

Brand checker allows you to see which search ads are shown for the queries you want to track. And the best part? You can update these parameters at any time. Streamline your advertising strategy and maximize your results with our powerful rules..

Comprehensive PPC Monitoring

Get a real-time view of your ad performance, track your progress, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns and achieve your goals.

Here are Adsbot’s main advantages over Adzooma:

Offers robust monitoring and advanced rule-based automation that gives you better control


Supports Meta/Facebook, Adjust, GSC and in addition to Google


Has powerful capabilities for Performance Max and value-based bidding


Provides top-notch customer support

What makes Adsbot the ideal alternative to Adzooma?

🤝🏻 Requires no coding knowledge for digital marketers.


✨ Fastest platform available.


💸 More affordable compared to other tools.


🕵🏼‍♀️ Brand tracking and competition analysis.


🖇️ Customizable platform with a variety of rules to control ads.


🚀 Paid and organic analysis to get the most from SEO and SEM.


👩🏼‍💻 Self-onboarding tool to make the use easier.


🔑 Integrated platform to give a complete perspective on advertising.


🌿 +12 years of experience in digital marketing, developed to solve the teams’ problems.


Ready made reporting dashboard for Meta, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google Analytics 4 & Adjust

Adsbot vs. Adzooma: Head-to-head comparison

Easy to Use:

  • AdsBot: For those looking for an easy-to-use tool, Adsbot Google Ads reporting tool is a great choice. This platform offers a simple dashboard where you can access performance data. 

Predefined Rules:

  • AdsBot: Has predefined rules. Predefined tasks are designed for a specific target in your account. Some rules create alerts, and some create recommendations, which give you more control over your account.


  • AdsBot: You can customize the rules based on your needs

KPI Tracking:

  • AdsBot: Monitor and analyze ads, in a single dashboard. Make more informed business decisions.

Platform Integration:

  • AdsBot: Integrates with Google Ads Meta, Search Console, CA4, Audit.
  • Adzooma: Google Analytics


  • AdsBot: Notifications through email.
  • Adzooma: In-App Notifications

Rule Engine:

  • AdsBot: ​​With the Rule Engine, you can bring the full power of automation to your campaigns. 

Multi-Channel Dashboard:

  • AdsBot: An effective digital marketing reporting dashboard does not limit itself to a single channel; instead, it easily combines data from multiple sources.

Data Freshness:

  • AdsBot: Provides data freshness within 1 hour (on the fly).
  • Adzooma: Every 12 hours

Suitable for Agencies: 

  • AdsBot: Adsbot assists agencies with the cumbersome task of manually controlling multiple ad accounts and wants to save time by reducing the workload. Instead of checking every metric across different accounts, agencies can save time by linking multiple ad accounts to a single workspace using Adsbot.
  • Adzooma: Adzooma is aimed at both individual advertisers, as well as agencies that are managing PPC campaigns on behalf of clients. For agencies, there is the option to be featured in the Adzooma Marketplace.

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