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Challenging Benefits of Adsbot

Adsbot is your ultimate solution for Google Ads automation and optimization.

With powerful rules and advanced insights, take full control of your ads. Save budget and time, see real results in no time.

Get valuable insights, real-time alerts, and expert recommendations with just a single click.

And take your PPC game to the next level!

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Maximize Your PPC Results
Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools to automate, optimize, and scale your campaigns, giving you more time to focus on what really matters.
Optimize your campaigns in a minute
Unlock new growth opportunities for your business with our optimization ideas to increase revenue and decrease costs.
Track your insights
Unlock new growth opportunities for your business with our optimization ideas to increase revenue and decrease costs.
Monitor your performance
Get a complete picture of your ad performance with advanced reports that keep you in the know, 24/7.
Brand Checker
Track your competitors ads'
Brand checker allows you to see which search ads are shown for the queries you want to track. And the best part? You can update these parameters at any time.
Streamline your advertising strategy and maximize your results with our powerful rules..
Comprehensive PPC Monitoring
Get a real-time view of your ad performance, track your progress, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns and achieve your goals.
Performance Dashboard
Transform the way you monitor your ad performance with our in-depth dashboard.
Quality Score Breakdown
Get a clear view of your quality score progress and make data-driven decisions.
Match Type Breakdown
Get a clear picture of your match type success and make informed decisions with our dashboard.
Top 5 Banner Performance
Maximize your banner ad ROI with our top 5 banner performance dashboard.
Budget Control
No more over spending.
Want to take your budgeting and cost control to the next level? Our cutting-edge rule allows you to maintain complete control over your account's total spending. No more guesswork or overspending – with our powerful rule, you'll have the power to manage your account's cost with precision and accuracy, ensuring that you stay within your budget and get the most out of your advertising efforts.
Say goodbye to budget tracking headaches and hello to increased efficiency and profitability with our powerful cost control features.
We have been using Adsbot for 2 years; Adsbot makes it possible to automate many manual processes with its constantly improving algorithmic structure and infrastructure that can be easily integrated into different projects.
Olcay Irmak
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist
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Everything you need for your ad strategy.
billed anually
Ideal for SMEs. Check account health, track performance.
1 account
1 Brand Checker
billed anually
Ideal for startups. Get more insight & recommendation from your account.
5 accounts
10 Brand Checkers
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Scale Up
billed anually
Perfect for scale ups to automize and optimize account.
5 Accounts
10 Brand Checkers
billed anually
Ideal for large scale companies & marketing agencies to save time.
20 Accounts
10 Brand Checkers